to my little blogging world.

I'm still having troubles with what to write in the intro so yeah.
This one is mostly based on my life I suppose but there are other thingys I write about. Anyway, hope you'll be amused, entertained or touched by my posts.

Enjoy your stay :)


It has been 6 long years

More than six years already passed since I joined this site. I still remember making my account because I wasn't an internet kid back then. That was about to change. Making this account and learning how to use it was quite the adventure. When I finally learned how, theO has become one of the sites I spent a huge time amount on.

Joining this site was a valuable experience for me.
When I first entered the chat, the conversations were so on fire that I couldn't really keep up with them. Soon though that wasn't a problem anymore. Thanks to this chat and people willing to help, my English has improved. It is my second language and my knowledge of it was too poor to use in daily conversation but I learned and today I've no troubles with it.
I also met all kinds of people. Serious, laid back, funny, not funny, with different backgrounds, way of life, ages and beliefs. It all helped me grow as a person, diversify my views and make some amazing friends.
During my time here I have made lots of friends. Most of them and I went parted ways, but that doesn't really matter. It just means we have grown in different ways and I cherish our time together. I was most active on this site during high school, and my friends on here made the whole adolescent/puberty thing easier. We shared a lot of laughs, drama and just growing together and enjoying each others company. A lot of people here that I grew close to, but parted ways with, will always be a part of me :). With those I'm still close to, I definitely plan to meet one day hopefully soon.
Other than meeting the amazing (and not so amazing) people, I made a few accomplishments on this site. As I said, I was mostly active on theO as a teenager and I'm introverted nature, so posting my art and cards on here were actually quite a challenge. I'm glad I did it, because the people here who commented were always supportive and made me feel good about it and myself (even though I was far from a skilled artist). I even helped making the quiz that won in the big quiz challenge (thus why my title says "Guru's Chosen"). I was truly happy about that. It was an amazing experience making it and it was a true joy winning it and getting the title. A special thanks to SRV who was my partner in this.
I have almost forgotten to mention the worlds. One of my worlds here has over 62,000 views, thee other one over 23,000. Yes, I'm bragging a little :p . I still remember when my "Naruto couples" world hit 10,000 views. It made me so happy. So, thank you everyone who ever looked, commented or followed my posts. To make them has also been a challenge. Even the names. I remember worrying over it but getting positive feedback on that was a blast. Keeping them up has encouraged me to say what's on my mind and share my interests and things I'm passionate about. The positive feedback made me smile and realize that there are some people interested at what I have to say or simply share the same interests, which of course was nice.
For a month or so I even got to be a chat moderator. Chat then had almost always people, so it was a truly fun task to do. Made me see that that it's not easy to have the power at times but it was fun most of the time.

With all that in mind, all I want to add that this site was amazing when I joined it and that I truly got the most out of it. It was fun to be a member here and spend time on theO and I truly hope that it will regain it's popularity and chat members because being a part of the theO community is something that sticks with you, maybe even for a lifetime.