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05. 11. 2012.

And as usual, instead of studying I was watching an anime hhihihi. I just finished 33rd ep of Soul Eater.. the anime is so really awesome hehe. Hmm, I didn't watch an anime with such enthusiasm for a while.. and yeah it does get darker but the plot gets deeper and what not.. think this will be one of my top animes to watch.. I wish I could remember my pw on MAL.. ah well.. okay collage time! *runs off to get ready*

Take care


Soul Eater

Okay, today I started my to watch Soul Eater.. I just finished my first episode. Anime seems all badass and funny and I likey hehe :3


Just when you think you've done with the high school drama the even bigger collage drama begins.. wth?
It's truly annoying... like I got in an argument with a guy and he thinks I'm truly really sad our so called friendship ended. Bitch please.
Not to mention the text he send to my other friend and his bestie "She looked sad today in class" (Sadly we go to the same classes in collage). And I'm like wth... How much of a narcissist and egomaniac do you have to be that you think that peoples lives are spinning around you? Seriously?!. I have problems so much bigger than him and I was truly tired and annoyed because we were doing grammar so yeah...was hard to concentrate too when you spend all your freakin day in collage too... I mean you truly have to be so arrogant and full of yourself to conclude a thing like that...ugh.

But actually, I'm mad... at myself too tbh... a friend was speaking of my mom... she called me once a few times too much hehe..and she defined it as 'that horrible thing' ... WTF?!
And me being stupid are trying to explain to her instead of just telling her to stfu bitch. Well, tomorrow is a new day... But who is she to judge or comment when she has no idea why some things happen.. Gah! I'm so mad at myself for not shutting her up! *takes deep breath and sighs* Why do I always have the need to explain things instead of just telling fuuuuu? I mean no one really ever bothers to understand so why try?
People frustrate me.. well my so called friends do. Ah well, tomorrow.


P.s. Take care ^^

Oh, and the cursing is spoiled..so don't look at that *laughs evilly as she said this last*

Love this pic for some reason hehe

Post time!

Not like anyone reads it anymore...or ever has xD

Anyway.. I'm home atm... not on so much because collage started...but mainly because I don't have any internet yet... Will try to fix it on Monday..ah and yeah collage doesn't stop me from being on... school didn't, parents didn't...collage shall not succeed either... lack of connection..may does.. xD

The first week of collage was extremely tiring..so much paperwork and so much standing and waiting... now it will get better..hopefully >.<

Hmm, my life in general.. nothing new happened (Yeah I'm so pathetic)... I think I'll go out... maybe stay home and drink all alone by myself...xD Depends haha

Well, this is all... I really should do my hw..than again..I don't wanna.. ehh..bad attitude... okay. Going to play some game now :D

Cyaz and take care (for the readers... the rest shall not take care! Bwahahahah)


P.s. I should have mentioned that this is slowly driving me nutz ^^;

Random cute/silly baby picture!!!

Thanks :)

Thank you all for the birthday wishes.
I'd usually reply on the comments on my profile but my computer got messed up so it doesn't really let me. I'll do so when it gets fixed. Thanks again ^^