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I'm still having troubles with what to write in the intro so yeah.
This one is mostly based on my life I suppose but there are other thingys I write about. Anyway, hope you'll be amused, entertained or touched by my posts.

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To Eka

If you ever read that know, I'm mad that you deleted your account..and also PM me if you ever read this.


Why is the child of a female beggar always asleep?

So, today I read an article named "Why is the child of a female beggar always asleep?"
The answer was rather disturbing. It seems like they put the baby on drugs or alcohol so that the baby doesn't bug the fake mom while begging.
Alright, to make more sense I'll shortly paraphrase what I read.

The subtitle is called "Helping others - seems like a good business"
The woman noticed that every time she passes a beggar the baby is asleep. She started to wonder why, so one day she asked the begging 'mom' how comes her child is always asleep? The woman just ignored her, but people around the woman didn't and they started to comment how dares she to torture the poor beggar. Later she called a friend who explained it to her... the babys are on drugs or vodka so that they don't scream all day long. Just imagine how annoying that could be. As it turns out, all that so unorganized business is very well planned and there are people with fancy cars and villas behind them, while the beggars do real dirty work for them and get the minimum out of it. But the point isn't really on them, it's a the misuse of children... some even die by the heroin/vodka shock and the "mother" holds a dead baby like that until working hour is over...
Anyway, the woman called the police but the beggar was gone by then. She realized then that she was tilting at windmills, yet I personally am very glad she spread the word, because more people will notice such things and think twice before they give money to the 'poor' woman, or even raise up against this whole wrongfulness.



Okay, thank you everyone for your lovely B-day wishes.

Take care and stay safe


Officially 20


And it feels like every other day, maybe even more meh.

I'm not a teen anymore.. I am twenty... I'm a 'ty' now. Not a kid anymore. Sucks. Thing with me is that I never wanted to grow up. Not even as a child. I mean seriously. Just no. I never really missed anythign out on being a child..was a nice time. I was sooo clueless hehe.

Anyway, I am 20 now! Ew! And I'm taking a POSITIVE attitude towards it! And I will pass this exam I have in less than 8 hours on my birthday! Another greeat thing.

Well not everythign is so bad.. weekend is made to party :D If I only were a party person I'd be great xD

Anyway, have a great day everyone who reads this those who don't have a sucky day hehehe



First of all, Happy Easter everyone and hope you have or had a great day.

Today was fun. I spent the Easter at my uncles place. The bunny hid his sweets all over the place and he had to search for them. It's his first time doing that tradition. I wish it wasn't raining. Would be more fun for him to search for them. It's a sweet experience. Later we went on lunch to people where a 2 years old girl and a 1,5 years old boy live. I played with them pretty much all our visit. Was really fun and really sweet when they cried when we had to go. Well we are back home and today was really nice. No to mention all that food and sweets. Had one awesome Easter again.

Well that's it. I'm going to enjoy my eve now.

Everyone have a great day and take care