to my little blogging world.

I'm still having troubles with what to write in the intro so yeah.
This one is mostly based on my life I suppose but there are other thingys I write about. Anyway, hope you'll be amused, entertained or touched by my posts.

Enjoy your stay :)


On the bright side

So, just to prove that my life isn't all drama and crazy/retarded/selfish/lowlife .. think you got the point.. people, I will list a few positive things.

1st of all: I'm home and mom made me some delicious my request food today. It was marvelous! I love when my parents cook. <3

2) I've great e-friends :D

3) TheO chat opens here and there xD

4) I have finally RP'd a bit

5) I've sweets in my house :D

6) My headset didn't break yet *knocks on wood* it's just a matter of time though xD

7) I don't have one class on Monday morning at collage

8) Since I know german, I'm doing pretty damn well in my german classes :D

9) Lately I'm really inspired to write about pedagogy stuff and learn some more. I truly am enjoying my pedagogy classes this year :)

10) Some people actually read my posts (Thank you so much for that! <3 )

11) One of the more important but that I failed to remember as a first, I feel truly loved from the people I care about <3

12) I'm starting to volunteer soon :D I'll help the children at school who have troubles studying to study :D (feels great to be of some social and more importantly individual use)

13) My friend promised to save me some fancy and expensive chocolate <3 ( I love her haha)

14) I'm actually comfortable with my mind and who I am and body (which is a biiig accomplishment for a girl :D )

15) I've some great parents. <3

16) I've a great sister too that feeds me when I've no money xD

There you go people. I'm sure that there is more but I can't remember it now.

Sugar on top of disappointment

As I just found out today.. a girl I was friend since childhood and am okayish now was there at the bar while that creepy dude was blackmailing me... She was there while he was sending me those suicidal notes and she didn't tell me...
Today she called me and was all like that guy really cares bla bla.. bullshit!!! I can't believe it... I truly can't believe that she didn't tell me that that lowlife was drunk at her bar and sending me those messages.. God do I feel stupid now.. *sigh*
Wow I don't remember when I hurt like that the last time... is this kind of behaviour really fucking normal to people so that they allow it?! I don't know anymore.. I'm just so sad and disappointed right now..
I wish they all would just disappear from my life... all those selfish, shallow and egocentric people... they should just vanish and leave me alone... I really thought such a behavoiur is high school drama and not young grown ups... Do I really freakin deserve that?! Seriously... just go away and leave me alone... I truly need some better environment.. :(


Ego boost :D

sky1013 glomps sakus face

Puppet Mistress: I'd be a bit more attentive if I knew people were actually talking

sky1013: HOW DARE YOU?!?!

Puppet Mistress: wait, what's going on

sky1013: idk

Puppet Mistress: uhhh, alright then...

sasusaku 4ever Why is my face glomped..my facce is too pretty for glomping.. xD

teapartyprincess came back.

XWillowTheWispX: i'm here

Puppet Mistress: pff

Puppet Mistress: ugh, I can't wait to sleeeeeep

XWillowTheWispX: welcome back x

Puppet Mistress: got two hours last night


XWillowTheWispX: thats not good

Puppet Mistress: ...

sky1013 takes out a giant hammer


Puppet Mistress o.o uh...

Puppet Mistress sky... I don't think that's necessary

teapartyprincess: o3o

teapartyprincess: woah

sasusaku 4ever ouch.. your words hurt there enough sky xD

sasusaku 4ever no need for the hammer

sasusaku 4ever xD

sky1013: this is what happens when you eat the last cookie...

Puppet Mistress: yeah, Sasu's beautiful

sasusaku 4ever Aww thank you, even though I doubt you know how I look like but I highly apperciate it hehe :)

Immortal Queen: she is i facestalked her on bookface

sasusaku 4ever sky1013: heheheehe

Puppet Mistress: ...

Puppet Mistress: apparently Dee knows and I trust her judgement

sasusaku 4ever Hahahhaah omg I'll blush xD Thanks Deena

Immortal Queen: well it's true

Immortal Queen: alex is a beaut too

sasusaku 4ever I think Ill save this conversation whenever I need an ego boost..aww thanks hehe

Well, thanks Puppet Mistress and thanks Deena :)


Enough melodrama!! Enough bullying!!!

So, the last 3 months I have been verbally and psychically abused by a guy I had something with...

Today it came to the breaking point where he blackmailed me that if I don't come out that he will do something to himself if I don't meet him...so that I don't feel guilty... after 2 such 'suicidal' notes I called my mom because I couldn't take it anymore and she told my dad to go to his sister (he lives with his sister) and tell her what her brother is up to... after my dad did so his sister called him and suddenly there was a whole story change... he suddenly wasn't suicidal anymore and he was going to a job interview, even though he told me he came there just for me (mofo liar).
Then he sent me a text that my dad didn't have to disturb/discomfort/stress his family... after all the things he did to me and my family.... He probably felt really bad about his family knowing what he's doing... and when I took some measures against it he behaved like I did wrong.. -.- Well fuck you too!
I hope I'll never meet again such a obsessive-possessive egocentric as he is.

Thing about this post is that I want to courage everyone who reads it to live their lives as they want to . You are never responsible for choices other make and no one can guilt you into that!

Well, I hope this is some enlightening post hehe

Everyone who reads it have a great day and take care of yourself :)


Safe and Sound

I'm in a bad mood and this is cheering me up a bit