to my little blogging world.

I'm still having troubles with what to write in the intro so yeah.
This one is mostly based on my life I suppose but there are other thingys I write about. Anyway, hope you'll be amused, entertained or touched by my posts.

Enjoy your stay :)


Being a young adult

So, this morning (4.48 a.m.) I realized how hard it is to say no and don’t or do something your parents don’t agree with.
It’s hard for me personally as I was always a quiet child and did most of the time what was expected from me or what was told me.
Mainly I got to the point where my mom is still very protective about me (and I love her so much for that) and doesn’t really make me let my own decisions. If she ever sees a flaw or doesn’t like something she tries various ways not to make me do what I’d like to and it used to work but nowadays I just do my own thing or try to which leads to some arguments usually. So it’s quite hard to stay calm and prove a point, especially because I personally feel like I have to prove with my behaviour that I’m mature enough to make that decision so I try not to pout and be angry but instead just take it like a ‘grown up’ yet stay firm about my decision. It’s hard because at times I’ve not even been listened to and behaving mature is hard when you’re being yelled at or forbidden things even though those aren’t really some deviant things but the ones that make her worry for not much reason (as in traveling today or going out and such).
To some extend I find it somewhat insulting too not to be trusted with such things but I suppose parents can’t help but to worry.
Lately I’ve been dealing with it in a different way. I am not pouting or being deviant but I do what I wanted to do anyway (if I can of course).
So yeah, I’m not sure if this is the right way or not but I’ve to develop on my own and my parents really did a good job with me and should trust me more but I get that she worries. I will probably too one day.
It’s just that I really thought about it now and figured that it’s truly not easy to be an young adult and make your parents aware you are grown enough to make your own decisions but if you get stuck you’ll come to ask them for help or advice. It’s not easy at all to do your own thing and make them feel good about it. Parents are always be parents I suppose and it’s just hard on them too. So we should consider each other feelings before we start to fight (even though it’s not always possible).

I think that’s all plus I’ve to keep packing.

Take care and have a great day.


The girl who silenced the world

I just stumbled on this. It touched me. I mean this is wonderful. I can't believe that such problems existed 20 years ago. I am even more surprised that people were aware of those and it become just worse.

Watch it, you won't regret it. :)

Take care and do something for your environment. Little things count :)


Just simply amazing

One of the reasons I love children so much. I mean the boys and the whole team is just amazing. It makes me feel nice and great that some children are well behaved after all. Loved their faces when they heard that they will get tickets hehe. Adorable. :)


I'm outraged

SO, recently I hear older people complaining how young people never help or do something voluntarily.
Here is the reason why. I mean this just happened -.-

So, I'm walking with a friend when we see some old woman dragging a bag with her on the floor. SO we stupid stupid us and me especially -.- decide to offer help. So I ask her if she need help and she ofc agrees and gives me her bag while asking for money. -.-
And so we carry her bag like 40 mins to one hour (idk) and listen to her complain and talk nonsense and beg everyone who passes by for money. It was really embarrassing but we kinda endured it. Anyway after such time a man looks at us and explains us that she's not homeless or poor. Apparently that "lady" had not one but two flats and is rich. She's just very cheap.
So, how the hell would anyone want to help when there are such shitty people who act all innocent while being vicious?! I mean after you help someone you're supposed to feel good and not like a piece of shit. Well yeah, I personally feel truly bad. Not just that I wasted my time but I also was tricked and sold for stupid and what not. Maybe I take it a bit to personal but it's a great example why no one helps anyone anymore. Seriously. After such thing a person should not feel bad.

Well, I'll go do something because I'm really so mad and feel so amazingly stupid right now.

Did something similar happened to any of you? If so, please share. I need to know that such shit people aren't just here.

Well that's pretty much it. I could strangle someone. -.-


Anyway something better and unrelated. I was volunteering today again and I was teaching a girl history. It was fun. I actually believe or hope that she understood something because we worked on it quite hard. Hehe I always disliked history but that's only because back then I couldn't connect things like I do now. I hope I'll teach her to do so herself. Let's hope for a great grade hehe

That's my day.

Take care and stay safe



♫ Yesterday was Friday, today is Saturday hahahaha

I'm so speechless. Actually I'm not.

At 1st this video reminded me on Katy Perrys "Last Friday night". Then I remembered Shane's Sunday and I thought: "How many more days of the week before it stops?".
Then I saw the twerking reference which was just meh. And the song lack so much originality. Like we saw it all before already. Teens get drunk and do nonsense. Wow something new. I liked the part with pants though but everything else in the video or lyrics wasn't good. To me personally at least.

Yet, one thing is sure. It's catchy. So... here it is lol.

Oh, I also like that it was released on Saturday.