Hi and Welcome to Gummie Land! This is a place where I express my feeling about things. Or even some crazy storys, who really knows what I will wright next! Enjoy and leave lots of comments! Thanks and Bye~Bye for now!

Sorries and Happy Birthdays

Hey everyone...I'm sorry I havent been on and I want to wish Kanel and someone else I forget hope to spell the username....I'll put it in a comment. Anyway I wanna wish you a REALLY LATE birthday! Lol it was like in May. OKay so happy belated birthday!
Lova ya

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say a quick Happy Love Day! Who are you spending it with? Me? My family! I know I'm such a dork. But any whoooo, what are ya'll doing today? I'm super bored. I'm pretty good at baking...I might bake a cake. Or I'll piss off some people. Well okay bye. Talk to you all later. Take care.


Hey everyone. I don't know whats wring with my computer but it's all bugie now. I have tried everything... if you have an idea of what i can do plz tell me. Anythig is greatly appreciated. thank you and have a great day.


Hey everqyone!
I was looking at my profile and I saw this trophy thing and I was wondering what the hell it was. So I put my mouse ove all the trophys and I have the comments trophy! Yeah...I think it's good right?!?!?! Lol well thanks for reading bye. Take care and talk to you all later.


Hey everyone,
I have bad news, remember when I told you that I have a scanner, well it's true I have a scanner but I can't use it cause the thing says something is wrong and I can't upload it. So yeah sorry. If I fix it I will tell you and upload EVERYTHING! Thanks and take care! Bye-Bye