Hey all of my friends and people who have yet to meet me.

I'm Angel (no joke, thats my name).
Its been awhile since I've been on theOtaku.com so my mind will try to get used to all the anime! Ha ha ha. Any how, my roommate (DeidaraxBOOM) is also on here. XD I enjoy everyone on this site (except if there is a hater D:< )

Uhm.. Info?
Gender: Male
hair color: Black with a random red highlight
eye color: Light brown (been told looks like honey but i say its darker than that)
height: UNKNOWN!
wight: >.> i dont have a reason to tell you that

uhhmm.. Dressing style? Punk of some sort. I've got my own style.

Currently watching: H.O.T.D (rewatching for fun)
Currently reading: Vassalord (is loving it)

(thats me and Kamren)

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