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This world is for a story I am writing called Guardians of the Dragons Jewel. My best friend Sammi-chan Kamichama Karin S and I are writing it.
Sammi-chan is mainly the illustrator while I am the main author but we both do each.

This story takes place on one of the smaller countries on the planet of Zaorah. The basics of this story is that there are five demons. Nozomi a 17 year old Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake demon.
Soren a 17 year old half albino tiger demon.
Soren's older brother Tonro a 22 year old half albino tiger demon.
Hotaru a 15 year old black panther demon.
The last one is Senrei a 16 year old white panther demon.

Nozomi doesn't know but in the beginning but she is the Guardian of the Shadow Dragon. Also three of her four companions are the guardians of the three dragons needed to release the Shadow Dragon. Part way through the journey one of Nozomi's companions dies, It was actually in cold blood but he was truly and unneeded member of the group. So they thought.... I made that sound really mean.... >.< Well that's all I will tell just stay tuned for updates and all that crap.

Prologue opener

this is the opening page to the prologue...i will give you the URL:D and here is the first page of the ...

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Chapter 1

i hope you enjoy chapter 1!
written by :NadjaWolf

The cries of war shattered the silence, in a war for land between the demons and the mortals. Within the battle a mother demon carried her child, as she raced across the field.
On the far side of the field was the father of the child he had been badly wounded by a group of mortals. He staggered to his feet and wildly looked around, where is my child he thought.
“James!” the female cried out when she saw him at last. She trekked across the land fast as ever.
“Kristi!” He called back as her staggered toward her, there both ok he told himself.
As she approached him he collapsed from blood loose, she kneeled down to him and helped him sit up right. He looked up at her and his young child, she was only three but she was strong.
“Let me hold her Kristi.”
“Of course.”
As he held her in his arms tears began to form within his emerald eyes, then he handed her back to Kristi. Once Kristi was holding her he, took off his chain necklace, and placed it over his child’s head.
“There Nozomi now hopefully you won’t forget me when your grown up.” Suddenly the tears began to stream from his eyes as well as Kristi’s as she realized she would never see her mate again.
“Take her… take her to where this war will hopefully never each, the Forest of Mist.”
Kristi nodded, then before running to the woods she gave him a final kiss.
Chapter 1
Playful shrieks and screams came from a large group of mortal children that were playing near the woods by the river side. As I stared at them I began to wonder why mortals were so carefree at this age, when I was this age I was learning the art of sword fighting with a kindly tiger demon I had met.
But then again I was not like other demons my parents both died when I was three and I had been taken care of by another snake demon like myself, till she was killed in a fight against another demon. Since then I had been mainly a loner. I let out a deep sigh to these thoughts.
My ears suddenly twitched as a ball the children were kicking came bouncing toward me. It rolled into the woods right next to me and I picked it up, the surface was unusual and the colors quite bazaar.
“Kati, you idiot see what you did now the ball is somewhere in the woods! Go and get it.” I heard a young boy yell, I looked back over at the kids to see a young girl running toward the woods, to get the ball.
Suddenly I smiled letting one of my fangs show, it was time to have a little fun. I jumped up into a tree keeping the ball with me. I sat up there waiting for her to come into the woods. The leaves rustled and some braches moved as she stepped into the forest. I jumped down from the tree without making a single noise, as she continued to look for the ball.
“Looking for this kid?” I held the ball out toward her. I watched as she began to shake, as she turned toward me. Her eyes grew as she saw me, and she opened her mouth as if to say something but nothing came out. I took a step toward her, and she raced off deeper into the woods, she only made it about 30 feet from me before she tripped over a branch. I sprinted over to her and just stared at her.
“You’re the d-demon Nozomi aren’t you?” She stuttered.
“Oh you’ve heard of me have you what do you know?” I questioned as I kneeled down to her level.
“Nothing more than your name, a-are you gonna eat me?”
“Eat you, eat you, ha, ha I don’t eat humans, I just kill them for fun!” I smirked this was to fun but I knew what was coming next.
“Help Demon!!!!” she screamed knowing the villagers would come. I stood up and faced were the villagers were most likely to come from.
“This is about to get fun.” I said aloud, I glanced around for some sort of weapon and found a large branch that would be helpful to me.
“Into the woods men!” a voice called out, and ten men entered the forest, a few with swords and a few with bows.
“Nozomi, it’s you again!” A familiar man called out.
“Is that you Steve?” I called back as I saw the familiar figure with in the group.
“Fire at will!” he cried out, and suddenly arrows came flying at me, with one swing of the branch I had knocked them all out of the air. I charged at the swordsmen, as they drew there swords. A very tall man jump out at me and swung the sword very hard I dodged and smacked him in the face with my branch. As he was flung back wards two more men charged toward me, they both got whapped with my stick. Finally Steve came at me with his sword; I dropped my stick and grabbed one of the soldier’s swords.
Steve swung with great force and I blocked him with ease, the swords clashed together and the sound was satisfying. Suddenly a searing pain went into my back, one of the archers shot me. In my moment of confusion Steve swung with all his might I managed to block it but the strength behind the sword sent me skidding backwards. My pointed ears twitched as I heard another arrow get released I dodged it with a side step.
“Had enough Nozomi?” Steve questioned.
“Never, I always have more fight.” I replied, I reached for the arrow in my back and pulled it out it hadn’t gone deep but the tip had poison on it which was beginning to affect me badly.
“Then let’s fight.” Steve said as her charged at me, I jumped up onto a branch in the tree behind me then launched downward at him I released my sword so I could use my claws of poison.
“Take this!!” I slashed at his hand sending a toxic poison into his bloodstream; he dropped his sword and collapsed to the ground. Arrows began to fly at me as stood there behind him. I moved out the way of them and ran off into the woods