Greetings Travler,

This world is for a story I am writing called Guardians of the Dragons Jewel. My best friend Sammi-chan Kamichama Karin S and I are writing it.
Sammi-chan is mainly the illustrator while I am the main author but we both do each.

This story takes place on one of the smaller countries on the planet of Zaorah. The basics of this story is that there are five demons. Nozomi a 17 year old Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake demon.
Soren a 17 year old half albino tiger demon.
Soren's older brother Tonro a 22 year old half albino tiger demon.
Hotaru a 15 year old black panther demon.
The last one is Senrei a 16 year old white panther demon.

Nozomi doesn't know but in the beginning but she is the Guardian of the Shadow Dragon. Also three of her four companions are the guardians of the three dragons needed to release the Shadow Dragon. Part way through the journey one of Nozomi's companions dies, It was actually in cold blood but he was truly and unneeded member of the group. So they thought.... I made that sound really mean.... >.< Well that's all I will tell just stay tuned for updates and all that crap.

prolouge page 2!

here is page 2! hope you like it...remember, this is just the drafts, i will use the line art and all, but it will have all the tones and such...:O ...

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