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Gin: Shes crazy
Light: Heh! I like it
Gin: Well, Bye Bye!

Chapter II

i dont know if im posting this right and i am sooo sorry thats its this short but i will most likely update again this week.. -begin- I stood there, infront of a large portal. I would be lying if I said I was nervous. I would be lyi...

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Since im on the whole code geass theme there is a recent argument that has been buggin the hell outta me.. is our baeutiful lelouch dead or not? Although i want to believe he is I cant pretend like i didnt see susaku stab him right the chest... buuuuuuuuuuuuutt he could have gotten the immortality from C.C. but then why is she still alive in the end? didnt she want kill herself? i am like most fans and want another season but i doubt thats gonna happen, theres no need. the world is back to normal and everyone is happy go lucky. and it ends with our hero looking like the bad guy

for eiri yuki s lover

Today, Tadah

today tadah is a post that i will do involving weird things that happened recently in my all to weird life, apparently im emo now, well atleast thats what my bff says, since shes a year older she started college b4 me, DUH, and went off to florida and left me to fend off my senior year. anyway, she says that i wear to much black, only make sarcastic remarks, dont smile enough, make dark scary jokes that only i get, and i listen to depressin music(wuteva tha hell that means)... so today i put on a yellow sun dress, curled my hair and smiled till my cheeks hurt. Gin woul be so proud ^_^ i also got tripped and unplugged my pc while i was in the middle of downloading ever happened to you

TODAYS TADAH PIC is my fave purple eyed chess player... ALL HAIL LELOUCH

sorry gin lovers he will appear at a later date he had a tummy ache

This is to cute...

obviously im a yaoi fan and i hope bleach fans dont get mad at my post, but this was just too darn cute and i had to share it

Fightin for the Enemy

Have you ever had one of those moments? You know, when you realize that everything around you isn’t what you though it was. The people that you love and trust aren’t that trustworthy, and the secretive, creepy, and mysterious ones were the only ones willing to try and save your butt. My name is Kobayashi Amaya, no relation to the hot dog eating champion. I was sentenced to five years in Hueco Mundo. If I lasted I would be accepted back with open arms. Like hell I would survive and even if I did I would not come back to this god forsaken place and Central 46 and their rules. The same rules that actually contradict each other. And Captains who don’t give a damn whether there subordinate lives or dies. I was a ‘lowly’ third seat who made my way up the Gotei 13 food chain. I was in squad 2, the special ops. A few other seated officers and myself were told to eliminate a problem in Rukongai. A massive group of Hollows had appeared and they thought we were strong enough to handle it, and we were. Once our job was done we were walking through the districts on our way back. But not without a few glares from the citizens. We were not the favorites in this part of town. The area was neglected, poor, and all together forgotten. So I couldn’t blame them for their hate. I told my men to stay on guard because these people were ruthless and they would attack at any moment, little did I know that they were also in on it. My fellow soldiers turned on me with their weapons drawn. I was shocked by their actions so I didn’t move quickly enough, stupid mistake on my part. I was grabbed from behind and immobilized, or so they thought. I quickly brought my leg up and kicked the man behind me in his face. I backed away so that no one was behind me. Before they attacked I tried to level with them.
“Why are you doing this?” I just had to know.
“Do you think it’s fair that the people of this place have any right to live like this while you live in your nice dorms?” One of the soldiers screamed.
“You live there too don’t you?” It was more of a statement than a question. “You can’t all high and mighty when we all sleep in those ‘dorms’.”
“We only came so we could infiltrate and destroy.” Another delusional one spoke up.
“Not to put a damper in your plans but there is no way people as unintelligent and as weak can take down the Gotei 13. You won’t even make it past Jidanbou. But you will never get to know now will you?”
“And why is that?”
“I’m going to kill you right where you stand.”
“You sure are a cocky one. There are over 20 men here and 6 of them are part of your own squad. You might be strong, but you can’t take us…” I didn’t even let the poor man finish. My blade had already pierced him through his neck. I withdrew it and he fell to the ground in pool of his own blood.
“You really should have taken this away from me.” I calmly stated as I licked my blade. “Let's have some fun, ne?” I flashed step taking out my easiest targets, gang members. I made sure it was quick and painless. I sensed someone behind me and I brought my zanpaktou up to block him. I was currently on one knee as he applied more pressure. It was hard to get any kind of leverage.
“So I see your blood thirsty attitude from the eleventh squad hasn’t completely left yet.” Another one of my subordinates spoke through gritted teeth.
“I guess not.” I kicked his feet from under him and cut his arm ‘relieving’ him of his sword. Just as I was about to lay the final blow I felt a sharp pain in my side. It wasn’t deep but it hurt like hell. I didn’t even bother look. I just grabbed the zanpaktou of my attacker so he could be closer, then I gave one final pull so he would let go then I stabbed him with his own sword. I drew it upwards, practically slicing him in half. With two swords in my hand should have a better advantage? I’ve been training with my left lately so I shouldn’t be too bad. Another person came at me and I made an X with the swords in order to block him. Then was he was open I cut him down.
A few slices later I was surrounded in bodies and covered in blood. I was exhausted and near the point of passing out.
“Between this and fighting those damn hollows my body’s sore.” I was talking to myself as usual. I tend to do that a lot. Then I felt a strong reiatsu. ‘Crap’ I cursed internally then I turned to see my captain Soi-Fon. I am totally screwed.
>>Fast Forward>>
So here I am sitting in a cell after receiving a hennas sentence. No one believed my story. Surprise, surprise. I rested my head against the wall hoping that they would just kill me already but a small chuckle woke me from my day dream.
“Well, this is a surprise. I never thought I would see you behind these bars” I turned to see a constantly smiling man and his constantly grinning lieutenant.
“ I know right. You’re the ones that are obviously up to something but yet here I am. Soul Society sure have their priorities in check.” I smirked to myself, and Aizen’s gentle smile turned into a smile that wasn’t like what I usually saw. I felt a shiver down my spine. His smile scared me more that Gin’s did.
“You’re a smart girl Amaya. How come you never told?”
“It wasn’t my business.” I shrugged and turned away from them. “ Central 46 and the rest of this place deserves whats coming to them. Well maybe Juushiro doesn’t but, since everyone has let these rules cloud their better judgement, they can all go to hell.” At this time my thick bangs were casting a shadow over my eyes.
“Aint you a regula demon, anyway theres a reason why we are here.” Gin spoke for the first time. I would never tell him but I loved that accent of his.
“Oh that’s right, Amaya, I have a proposition for you. Care to listen?”
I walked up to the bars so I could hear better.
“You have my full attention. Aizen-sama.”