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Let's see how much I actually post here...

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Tumblr: Rixae's Blog
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DFO: Currently offline


I'll stop being a lonely internet nerd on other sites and come back here for once. I kinda stopped checking back because I'm just not into anime as I used to be. Mostly just Homestuck and Star Wars now. /sob Holy ---- I'm an Otaku Legend no...

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Tagged~ D:

Tagged by infinatelove42~ 1.What made you you to decide to be an artist? A combination of being jealous of a friend, and my dad being awesome at drawing cartoons and stuff. 2.Which one do you prefer... P...

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Not dead yet

afklaadfg I've been forgetting to post here the past couple months. I've just been so busy with conventions, school, and just dumb stuff lately. *sob* ;v; Being a Junior is hard, lol. I don't even want to think about my two lab write-ups I h...

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Woah, thanks guys!

I haven't really checked up here in a few weeks since I moved to dA, but I totally didn't expect so many happy birthday wishes! Thank you! ;W;

I actually logged on because I was considering posting here again. I really miss this place. More friendly people, less idiots~ That, and I have a few friends here who I don't get to talk to on dA. orz
Also, since my only irl friend deactivated her accounts, I was kinda forever alone, lol. But I'll just turn it into an opportunity to make new friends! Yay! *shot*
Hopefully I'll learn to man-up and comment on others' work and actually be friendly for once.
I'm probably making a total jerk out of myself right now, but oh well.
I might post a few pics later. q:

Moving to dA

It's kinda my primary site anyway, I just wanna switch over completely. It seems like every time I decide to check back here there's drama or art theft that no one else seems to realize. xD
And while I realize the same thing goes on even stronger on dA, I just don't have to look at it there (besides the stupid pikachu-cat photo that gets stolen every other week...). I'm a bit of a goody-two-shoes, so I get really upset whenever I see someone getting away with doing something they shouldn't. In short, I'm moving just to keep my sanity. Cx
So later I'll be deleting the remainder of my gallery, but I'll keep my account activated in case I decide to check back or change my mind. That, and I can't bring myself to delete my theO account. This place will always have a special place in my heart. C:

So anyway, if you want to add me on dA, my account is here or you can add me on tumblr here. (Add me, I'll add you. 8D)

Oh yeah, and does anyone play Minecraft? This game is so addicting, it's stealing away so many hours that could be spent doing something useful, lol. xD