Regan Cross

Name : Regan Cross

Nickname : Regan

Race : Vampire

Clan : Cross

Gender : Female

Age : 100 (vampire age), 17 (human)

Appearance : She has a pair of a beautiful green-ish eye and brown-ish hair when shes younger, her hair and eyes turned into the color of silver when

she joined The Raven. You usually find her in red or purple. She always wear a necklace that shaped as a black cross with a bloody red stone in the

middle of it. Always wears short and a pair of black boots.

Personality : the exact opposite with Rhage. Shes cool and never trusting anyone. You will never see her smile except when shes with Rhage and her

little brother. A bit mysterious >D

Past : no one knew much about her past. The Cross family found her in a house when she was a child, they found her crying inside the house beside her

parent's corpses. The Cross family adopted her and raised her together with Rhage. She grew as an assasins ans Rhage's bodyguard, but they fall in

love and decide to get married. But... a night before their wedding she dissapear and come back 15 years later as the Co-leader of The Raven. And she

and her group support Cross family from backstage. That before the Raven gone...

Gifts : Telepathy, controls dark and a special ability to controls silver

Weapon : silver chains and knifes

Interrested in : Rhage XD, and she love forest, u can always find her on the top of the tree if she's not in her room

Image : still in progress