Viridian Update!

For those who are interested in going green and seeing how all of this works, how likely it is to make an impact, here are a few updates about Viridian for you!!

Viridian is in the following states: Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and ILLINOIS (as of August 1st, 2011).

In the two weeks since Viridian launched in IL, they have accrued just over 4,500 customers between the 20% green option and the 100% Green option. Anyone who signs up BY SEPTEMBER 1ST will be guaranteed a locked in rate for their first month- either 5.99/kwh for 20% Green or 6.50/kwh for 100% Green, compared to ComEd's 7.921/kwh! That's $1.5 to $2 of savings PER KILOWATT HOUR next month!

Viridian is working hard to keep up with the rush of new Chicagoland customers looking for a way to do good without changing their lifestyle, and that is certainly a major factor in why Chicago's ComEd area is such a big market. Chicago has major pollution, and very little environmental programs- not even recycling, in the city! So many Chicagoans are looking for whatever ways they can to green their lifestyle, and Viridian is giving them a prime opportunity.

Personally, I think it's amazing to be working with a company that is 100% green and really cares about saving the planet for the next generations.

If you guys know of any other ways to help save the planet and green up our lifestyle, please let me know, or ask to be a guest poster and share with me here :D I would love to get us all together about being green!!

Kayla Eskew
Independent Associate 18236