Save, Save, Save <3

As the first feature of this exciting new world all about saving the planet and making a difference, I'd like to introduce you all to an absolutely amazing new company called Viridian ^____^

Viridian is a 3rd party energy supplier, something that is becoming a very big deal in the USA right now, thanks for deregulation of the energy market. This means that your energy provider (in my case, ComEd), will always bring your energy to you and provide services (such as turning power back on after a storm), BUT NOW YOU GET TO CHOSE WHO PROVIDES THE ENERGY YOU USE. If you don't make a choice, your supplier will decide for you on who they want to provide your electricity. While some of these companies are pretty good choices, and most are starting to offer a GREEN ALTERNATIVE alongside their main (brown) energy product, NONE OF THEM IS LIKE VIRIDIAN.

Viridian is a GREEN COMPANY, offering nothing but cleaner, greener, environmentally safe energy, while the competitors offer only an option. Viridian's Everyday Green is 20% green energy, but they also offer True Green, a 100% GREEN ENERGY OPTION. What's truly amazing about this? No one else offers pure green energy, and their prices are still lower than the competition 95% of the time, to boot!! Rather than being an energy company with a green alternative, like the competitors, Viridian is a GREEN COMPANY DEDICATED TO HELPING THE PLANET IN ANY WAY THEY CAN. That's why they are so determined to offer only green energy, and they are working on many environmental projects throughout the year.

In each market that they are in, the ask their independent associates (like myself) about what projects they can do to help clean up the neighborhood. The company founder, the CEO, all the top earners, and all the regular associates from that state get together and take on projects like cleaning up the beach fronts and other such things, greening up the landscape wherever they go! On top of all the smaller projects in each of their markets (in 8 states, currently), they have taken a much bigger initiative to impact the world: 7 CONTINENTS IN 7 YEARS.

Check it out here to see what they have to say about starting a major restoration project each year in a different continent, while continuing to go back each year to their other projects, and maintaining the local projects as well! Their first project began this year, when they bought a large plot of land in the Amazon and spent a week planting trees. Each year from now on, they will go back and do the same, until they have populated their entire plot. And for a glimpse of the impact Viridian is already making across the nation, check out this link!

If you are in a Viridian market and would like to switch, please go here <3 It takes just 5 minutes to start making a difference! VIRIDIAN IS OFFICIALLY AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING STATES: Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Illinois!)

Kayla Eskew
Independent Associate #18236

(For those who don't know, "midori" is Japanese for "green" and "yume" is Japanese for "dream." In Japanese, the descriptive word is said first, but it would be translated "DREAM GREEN." I chose this as my Viridian calling card because it is a combination of everything I love- beautiful Japanese language, making a difference by going green, and dreaming of a better future for our children! Because we are no longer the generation polluting the planet and limiting our children- now, we are GENERATION-V, saving the planet and giving our children every chance!)