In this world I will say the latest updates that have been happening with celeberty's!!

Is Paula going back!?

Who know's? anyone? well coming from sourse people are saying that Paula MIGHT be going back! She only left for one reason......she got paid less then the guy's and she didn't like it! I wouldn't like it eaither! Hope you come back Paula!

Michael Jackson is not dead?

people say that Michael is not dead! Now is that true? Well the news says that "Michael has been taking drugs and he is dead" but I here people around me always saying "it's to soon that Michael is dead. There is no permenent truth. And if there is why are they trying to solve his death now? There's just no point that Michael Jackson's death because he already is dead!"
Now if you have a diffrent point of veiw please comment...I would love to read what people say about his death!

Michael Jackson

Lady's and Gental men.....Michael Jackson has left the world!! The King of pop has officaly died due to Cardiac Arrest on the day of his practice for the "THIS IS IT" tour! On much music and any other info/news channel they finally show his daughter Paris Jackson for the first time...but not the best time!! And she said this..... and when she started 2 cry....the whole jackson family was there for her...including Janet Jackson! And if it were up to me to dicide who his kids go 2...I would say "Janet should have them"!

R.I.P Michael Jackson

Tayler and Selena....TOGETHER!?

Make room for Taylena!

Taylor Lautner, 17, is the latest New Moon-er to be hit with romance rumors. Reports say he's gone on a few dates in Vancouver with Disney darling Selena Gomez, 16.

As everyone knows by now, New Moon has been shooting in the Canadian city for the last month. Gomez is also there filming Ramona and Beezus from Beverly Cleary's popular children's book series.

We've got details on where they've been spotted and what they were doing:

Taylena hit Caffe Artigiano yesterday for a little morning get-together. With Gomez's mom in tow, they ordered two of the coffee shop's signature lattes before sitting at a table to chat for about 30 minutes. "They were very low-key and kept to themselves," an eyewitness tells us. "Nobody bothered them."

In fact, the staff seemed unfazed by Taylena. Photos show the cozy duo jumping into the same SUV while being protected by a big, burly, tattooed bodyguard.

A source also confirms that the two recently had dinner at a local outpost of the Old Spaghetti Factory. The only fuss came from a small group of girls "who were really excited" but were too shy to approach them, said our source.

Whether the twosome is really sweet on each other remains unclear, but we definitely approve of this pairing. Seriously, the cuteness factor on Taylena is up there with puppy dogs and kittens, don't ya think?

And let me tell you, I've met and talked with both of them. They are two of the nicest aw-shucks kids around. Never do I hear anything bad about them. They're friendly, smart, gracious and humble.

Meanwhile, get ready to see a lot more of Mr. Lautner. Remember that shot of the shirtless New Moon werewolves that was released earlier this week by the studio? Well, I hear similar pics of Lautner are on the way.

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Nikki and Kristen fight for Robert!!

Reporters say that Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewert are fighting for Robert....Reporters say that Nikki and Robert HAVE SLEPT TOGETHER but Robert doesn't have true feelings for Nikki he want something that he can't have (Kristen)!!
Kristen has been dating someone for 3 years and now Robert has a part in her life...what will u do Kristen!?

(I wrote this) (yay)