My Birthday Celebration!!!

OMG!!! It was really fun for me in my birthday. Technically I celebrated my birthday one day before, but I celebrated it with my friends. I really wished that cherrygirl could have come because in actual reality we are best friends. I went bowling with my friends and we huged and cried before I left. it was very fun, but if it was possible then I would probably invite most of my the otaku frieds as well, but too bad that they live in different states than I do. Well I hope I can keep posting posts and always keep in touch with u guys

Love baku

Bakugan and ME!!!

Bakugan is my brothers sister. And because she is his sister I see her as apart of the family to and really do like her. she is an awesome friend and very sweet.

She is the kind of girl that when u get to know her, you fall in love with her cause of how sweet and funni she is.

She has made friends with alot of the youngone's in the family. It's so nice to see them all get along and look out for one another ^_^

She's also friends with us older one's and we like to protect her and the others. Baku is lovely and I feel so priveldged to know her. Just like all the others in the fam and group to ^_^

You keep staying safe Baku ^_^

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Baku & Me

Okay, Ever since Baku came on TheO We have been the BEST of friends~!!!!
Baku is such a sweet heart and a very good friend of mine!
I'm lucky to have her! She's a great person, and fun to talk too!
Baku you're a great friend i hope you like my post!! ^0^

Silent Pajero and ME!!!! :D

O.K so Ruki... as I call her is another sisterling of mine lol

She is the sweetest girl ever, She has a harsh side but her heart is in the right place.

She tends to use her hard side to hide how Vulnerable she is inside. Luckily she comes to me for help and guidence etc,

Me and Rukia... we couldn't be any different from each other, but there are things about life that we both understand well, the other side of life. This makes us understand each other a lil better, and so makes us close.Shes a sweetheart with a jokingly perverted mind that always makes me laugh XD

Though she does have the tendency to get hurt, and in someways is very Niaeve when it comes to certain matters.

I see her as a lil sister that I tend to want to protect. She's very dear to me and so she is safely tucked under my wing away from any harm.

She will always be safe with me around thats for sure.

I will always look after ya Ruki ^_^

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Steven (Spectre) Is my everything on this website and in my life...

Again we have had our upsets but it's never pushed us apart. As a matter of fact its brought us together stronger then ever before.

I love Steven so much as a brother cause he doesn't only show what I represent to him on TheO and thats it... He prooves himself to me over and over again in rl to me to.

He is always doing something that makes me remember how much I really mean to him. These little actions may skip others attentions... and I am sure he most probably tinks I miss them all to. But the truth is, I remember every single little thing he does for me in his rl and on the site. I know I am always in his thoughts just by the way he reacts to me, even if it is that I am gone for a week. Or the fact that he knows when I am on... or stopping something that he really wanted to do, just because he knew It would hurt me terribly if he did it.

Some of his stories he even hates telling me, Cause he knows how much I hate violence, like he's protecting me from his past.

The thing is I love his past as its made him him

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Steven Means so much to me, I look up to him alot... yes he can annoy me sometimes... more the fact cause he can be so clueless at times despite his IQ of 210. But at the end of the day... there is no other like Steven.

And I wouldn't want him any other way. He is a pillar of strength, he has goals, he strives for those goals and he won't let anyone get in his way. And he would fight to protect us all. Especially his Mei.

I love that he has two sides. Because I get to see his caring sweet side, and I also know that his darker side will be there to protect his nation and everyone he loves if they need it.

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He is a Socialpath... but I don't care. To me that just makes him one of his own kind. And a perfect breed ^_^

Besides... he's not really that bad once u get to know him. He maybe on the battle field. But in rl he's a decent guy. And a very good father ^_^

What else is there in life? I am just so pleased to know him and I am honoured to be his sister and to say that I love my brother with all my heart

Whether he believes it or not. I will always be by his side. Just like he is for me.


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