Umm..just a collection of best of my memories..cartoons, my experiences, what I learnt from life and many more
And I think its fun learning from this wonderful ^_^

A golden 100~

Yosh! 100 subs :D happiness overloaded!!!~
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*hugs all* :')thanks a lot my sweet otakus!
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Robin Hood

I think its only titled that..or does it have something more to it??
anyhow..I used to really enjoy it during the AVM(audio Video Music) periods in my school when i was lil(5 or 6 years ..i think)

Every time they played the video (we were shown that or the repeated episodes of Tom & Jerry XD)we enjoyed it with the same enthusiasm XD

U wanna watch too? then ...( i shall put up the link later ^^" )

Top Cat

One more from my oldest memories :D


It used to be so funny XD
If u wanna watch too ..go to the link below :D hope u enjoy it

>>Watch Episodes<<
but got only few episodes there -_-

And a game related to it if u fancy :3

The Little Lulu Show

A day back I was going on with the favorite shows which I really enjoyed durin my schooling days
So thought of putting 'em up here. I think many will be having them in common... *-*

First goes THE LITTLE LULU SHOW!! (i remember the girl's face and some other characters but the plot not really -_- nee chan says i enjoyed it a lot XD)