Intimacy of the Damned (Fic)

What are we doing--

Eyes meet, and a bond is made. A bond between strangers--[[are we?]]--with no second chances [just - the - future]

--h e r e ?

People are asking...wait, no: they're s c r e a m i n g--
Why? Why? Good God[dess]; .w. h. y. [?] ‘Oh, God(s)!’ - N. - {n.} - [n.] - (n.o!) We’re [not] ready (I’m) Not ready, no, what are we...

[...what are...]

[...are we...]




--But no one, nothing, holds an answer. No condolences from [/who//who///from who////who is your deity (today)] God[dess], and the prayers sing like hymns as eyes meet again--

did she s-e-e that? she f.e.l.t. that, too, [right]? [right?] did I dream it?

--and this time in the confusion, there’s a forward movement.
It’s enough--

...enough; [?]

is it enough;; [?]

it is enough;;; [.]

--to change something [anything]. Another movement, this time a footstep. The screaming--

No, God[s]! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, p.l e-a.s e ! Please, spare[‘why? why? why?’] us! Oh, Father[whataboutMother?] in heaven(heaven? no, no why) please, let us live; no, no, no; not death, oh please God(dess)...

[...what are we, is it e n o u g h , doing, is it enough; enough? enough: no, never (never(?)) enough...what.are.we.doing...]

--kept strong, but it’s effect was getting weaker--

[though upon ourselves, and ourselves a l o n e (together)].

--We were consumed entirely in the sounds of our footfalls--


--and their gentle cadence as one [both(?)] of us--s t r a n g e r s--ran--

is this real? why is this happening? [I’m] going to look at her, looking at me [die here alone{with her(?)}]

--We knew nothing. Nothing of--

[each other]

--nothing of--

[our pasts]


[our trials]

--nothing. We were just people--


--That was all--

;we needed;

--now, when there was no--.h.o.p.e.--the lonely would .;cling;. to who they could. While (I)we could--




--And we were holding each other. We were crying, and we were shaking, and we were so, so bloody s c a r e d of what we knew in our hearts was happening(what h-a-d to happen.) A moment of--

‘the house, it’s...’

‘i know’

‘no, we can‘t just...we‘re gonna...’

‘i know’

‘i’m not r.e.a.d.y...’

‘...i know’

--utter understanding above{beyond} mere explanations; the -touch- of heated, frantic flesh against flesh as we gripped each other, mourning all of the reasons we were alone--

{praising all of the coincidences we weren’t}

--sharing the unnamed intimacy of desperateness.

No one stares.

We’re not a l o n e in our last-minute living--

[Alone Otherwise]

{with her}

--but we’re special.

Because now[now? now, now we’re gonna die, now] it’s Y-o-u--

[with your stupid, short, silky hair, and your stupid too-cute glasses, and that stupid, beautiful, goofy smile you would be wearing if we weren’t going to die, and your annoying ability to make me smile and laugh and want to be who I really was. The dumb ability you would have discovered if we’d met differently]

--and M-e--

[with my fat-ass, and my retarded-looking hair, my gay-ass earring that I accidentally pierced through my “gay” ear, my extreme, paranoid nervousness, and my awful habit of falling for you with every little thing you ever did. The crappy habit I would have explored further if I could’ve held you for just a while longer]

--and the end of our worlds, by some cruel fate{.but.we.still.met.each.other.}

I’m still holding you, and I know I’ll hold you through it all; stealing your foreign kisses--

[[in a way I think I love you]]

--Because this is the love of the dying. We’re just two girls--s-t-r-a-n-g-e-r-s--just two humans--[unbeknownst to each other]--just two s o u l s: and we need to make up for all of the time we’re going to .m.i.s.s.

I don’t know your name--

{but we’ve stopped crying}

--I don’t know your past--

{but we’re still intertwined}

--I don’t know you enough yet--

{but I could’ve loved you}


Take a breath;

[What Are We]

Look around;;

[Doing Is It]

This is the Intimacy of the Damned;;;


And we’re all we have.

[I Know]

That was fun.