This is my way of coping with the loss of my pokemon T________T
Come! Discuss the crazy things that have happened to you on your video games. What glitches can you warn us of? What glitches are inexplicable? Anything you think is out of the ordinary.... This is where to post it! If anyone wishes to post, lemmie know!

Suddenly I forgot!

Okay this is just sad. I haven't made a post in so long that I was looking through my add guest post tab to find my glitch world T_T

Brought to you by Moonsailor!
This glitch is ACTUALLY from Profesor Layton and the Diabolical Box, but this category seemed close enough XD

In "Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box", there is a mini-game in which you make tea. Professor Laton and Luke discuss the tea you manage to make in the mini game. With one brand of tea, they say something like this:

Luke: Hey, Professor! Did you know that you can read the leaves of this tea to learn more about your future love life?

Layton: No. I say Luke, have you been researching about tea?

Luke: Well I couldn't be your apprentice if I didn't know about tea.

So it becomes established that in fact, Luke DOES KNOW about tea that predicts your love life. Right?
Well,later you use this same skill to make tea for the villagers of Folsense. When talking Rory (who wants that same type of tea as mentioned above),their conversation goes like this:

Rory: Hey, guys can you brew me some tea? I'm looking for a certain type of tea that you can use to see into your love life.
Luke: Ooh! I've never heard of a tea that does that! Can we try to brew it Professor!

As though now the Professor is the one who knows about it, whereas before he didn't know and LUKE was the one who knew.

"Do you see the inconstancy here? When you make the tea the first time, Luke mentions a few facts about the tea, however, when serving it to the villager, he says he's never heard of it. This can also be done in reverse, with the villager telling you about the tea first, and then Luke sharing the facts about the tea, and Layton congratulating him, even though both of them were just told about the tea."

XD Haha fun stuff.

SO the moral of the story:

There are times when we do research that we learn something: Try not to forget, because you might need it later in life!

Buzz Lightyear is a Vampire

What, don't tell me you didn't know?

This isn't really a glitch, but I thought I'd share this with you guys and kind of give ths world some life! In Al's Pent House in TOY STORY 2 for the N64, you (Buzz) have no reflection in the bathroom mirror. The sink is reflected, but not you. Creepy as heck XD


Glitch ALERT!

This glitch was provided by: moonsailor .... and supported by viewers like YOU! XD

On the game: Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone for the Game Boy Color, you may find yourself in a bad position if you recover the potion ingrediants for Snape in the incorrect order. Yes, you need the snake fangs, boomslang skin, etc, but if you do not retrieve the boomslang skin before the others, off of a portrait in Snape's office,then you won't be able to pass that part of the game and go to Potions Class! Which really sucks, unless you don't ever want too, of course XD.

If you find yourself in this pickle, check the bushes on the school grounds. That is the one place you can find the misplaced boomslang!

Moral of the story: Go ahead, experiment, do whatever you want out of order, just remember that afterwords your game may be: Out of Order


Ninja Mound: The Art of Invisibility....

This is an excerpt of the Pm I recieved from a facinated TheO user xfishyx:

On diamond & pearl if you go to route 210 (celestic side)and use defog, then plant a berrie in the berry spot, the ninja mound disapears for a bit, and then returns!

This is a strange phenomenon set off unpredictably by a series of actions in a single circumstance, most likely unforseen by the creaters of this pokemon DS game. In other words, a glitch.

I have not had a chance to try this one out, but if you do it before I get to, tell me if you have the same thing happen! Interesting ^_^ Just remember, according to fishy, this disappearing trick is temporary, so no worries there XD

Moral: You may discover something new by combining a variety of things. You never know till you try, how something may turn out!

Know of any crazy game glitches? Want to share? Have any cheats or warnings for your fellow gamers? Then send me a PM and I'll spread the word ^_^

Thanks again to xfishyx for your contribution :)


I think I killed the comment box for GreenLeaf's most recent Ecard: That's how you know.

I couldn't use the spoiler black out (it would only show up in the e-card message, not the comment) so I thought "that's okay". I just wrote "spoiler" in brackets at the end and beginning of the message. Well... instead. Everything after the spoilers was blacked out. Also, my name, avatar, editing button, and date reference were all missing. When I went back to the comment box, even "add comment" was blacked out.


Sorry Greenleaf, if no one else can comment T___T

Oh and while i'm here, I might as well show you another computer related glitch. When I press the Left Slash key on my laptop this happens:
The Yen sign!!!!! Not that I'm complaining.... but it is pretty random....