Hello! Welcome to my world that is all about Gale & Ivax! ^-^ (geeze, i wonder how long i can't actually keep this thing online...)
If you have absolutly NO CLUE who Gale is, then, get out of this world
No, I'm kidding, You can find out. ^-^ He is my Charrie for PGR (Pokemon Gijinka Revolution) A pokemon roleplay between Gijinkas!!!!
First off, here is his Bio.
Pokémon: Girafarig

Name: Gale
Age: 19
Hair color: Blonde to pink towards the ending
Hair length: Three Feet
Eye color: sky blue
Skin tone: Peach to a tiny tint of yellow
Type of Pokémon: Normal, Psychic
Gender: Male
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 135 lbs.
Held item: Quick Claw
Relationships: Currently none
Attacks: Psychic, Shadow ball, Iron tail, Earthquake

Personality: Sweet, always polite, not very sure of himself yet, sense of duty to help others (whether they are friend of foe), easy going, pretty gullible at times, dedicated when he thinks something is right.

Hometown: Born in the wild, near Lake Valor.

Likes: Taking walks, fields, having a stable home, Ivax (his tail. Yes, his tail has a name…), Being with others (he has a “lonely” complex), any berry that’s safe to eat.

Dislikes: SURPRISES he HATES surprises, hurting someone when there was another way, loneliness (the complex), seeing a girl cry, tall trees (there’s a reason for that), Being given naughty ideas or thoughts from Ivax (the second brain in the tail), being bored.

Fears: he has a fear of tall trees and hurting someone he really cares about.

Weaknesses: dark types, “Cute things” but that’s just because he’s weird.

Strengths: normal and psychic

Full Outfit: long sleeved knitted yellowish sweater with four brown splotches (on each side) going from the neck of the sweater down the arms, brown gloves on his hands. Quick claw necklace around neck, dark brown shorts that go a tad past the knees with two yellow splotches on each side

Looks: He has his two ears poking out o the sides of his head and to white “antlers” out on the top of his head. His hair goes like a long braid down his back, kinda gradient effect starting at his neck down turning pink (in the braid). Ivax coming out as his tail (Ivax chatters and talks to Gale through the mind). His legs turn into large hooves at the bottom.

Sheesh, I know i can go overboard with bio's, I decided NOT to put his B.G. I'll write about it later for you though!
I'll see if i can get a small picture of him on here soon...
Well, that's it for the introduction thingy, so be on your way, & ENJOY!!!!

New Piccy!!! XD

Yeah! New Pic. of Gale and Ivax!!!!

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Entry #7- 5/6/10


I'm so sorry! Forgive me! I know, it's been a long time since I've written in you...just, alot has been happening lately. Well, today has been eventful, Zai says that Badrak will be fine, which is good to hear. I can't believe that i almost got blasted by another one of Lupe's beams. Wait! Yah! I found Lupe. As it turns out, she is the leader.

Now that I think about it, if I found her now, Cheruu might have not been able to find her, I hope he did...Anyways, Ivax keeps on bringing up, never mind, I can't believe I was about to right, anyways, It seems that Lupe will let me stay here in the mansion. I mean, it wouldn't be that bad to stay here for a little bit, right? Oh, well, guess I should get going. I'll be more Diligent about this! I promise!



Kayuki so kindly made a piccy of Gale and Ivax!!! XD
Check it out!!!

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Thanks Kayuki!! X3

Entry #6- 4/18/10


Well, It turns out the "dream" was real, thank goodness! For a moment I was woried that I imagined all the other gijinka. Ivax helped me find Cheruu by talking to BB and we headed back into the mansion to try and find the leader. I wonder where they could be? (or even WHO for that matter...) Hm...I have the oddest feeling that it's Lupe...ah, who knows!

I just met another friend who seems to be in need of a doctor. I still wonder who could have done that to him...and why? Oh well, Ivax has seemed to calm down about a few things, it looks like BB has taken his mind off of it. Phew, he was starting to worry me... I kind of feel bad for Cheruu though, he seems preety annoyed from Ivax's non stop talking. Does he really talk that much? I barely noticed... Guess thats what i get for living with him my whole life.

Wow, It's been awhile since my last entry...Sorry! Guess I sorta forgot about it for awhile. Well, I hope we find a doctor soon, blood seems to keep coming from his left eye...Bye.


Entry#5- 4/13/10


I can't help but just sigh...my body has been preety tense recently and my mind is still boggled from how many Gijinka I've seen. I'm so... amazed, that I hadn't noticed any while I was growing up.


Sorry, guess I don't really have anything to write about...-_-U
I'll write more when I've got something on my mind.