Seriously can't even believe how I came up with this, but it's my new favorite base, and I will be using this style to do Hatter and Cheshire, along with probably some Harry Potter stuff ^____^ (Ive decided to start a pop cult mini line concept. No idea what I'll call it, but it's awesome!)

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OMG OMG OMG OMG do you have ANY idea how much fun this was??? So I was at Claire's the other day, looking thru their clearance while waiting for a bus after work, and I saw this cool gothic Alice in Wonderland shirt. Since my bestie is a major Alice in Wonderland fanatic, I decided I simple MUST design my own Alice in Wonderland apparel for GinnyDarling <3 AND THIS IS THE RESULT!!! How cool is that?? Totally punk rock Alice in Wonderland ^_____^

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So this is the Queen of Hearts version of the Alice in Wonderland punk rock outfit I made :D I plan to also make a Hatter/Mad Hatter (still debating) and a Cheshire match set as well. Alice is blue/black/grey/silver with white lace, the Queen is red/black/grey/gold with white lace <3 Hatter will probably be crazy, depending on if I do "Mad Hatter" or "Hatter' (Alice, SyFy 2009). Cheshire will probably be black/purple/green/silver with the white lace matching them ^____^