So this is one of my new mini line concepts, "UPDATE YOUR FAIRYTALE"!! It will be a line of super detailed, ruffled summer dresses and Romeo/Juliet outfits in white and pastel colors only.

This line will be complimented by a mirror line called "This Ain't a Fairytale" (the one and only Taylor Swift <3), a goth-loli version of the above designs ^____^ A black base accented with mainly blue, purple, and green, possibly some red (since it is fairly popular)!

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The first sketch in my new mini line "Update Your Fairytale"- a line of romantic victorian-era type summer clothes. It will mainly be white outfits with pastel colors, either fancy ruffled dresses or Romeo style outfits ^____^

This one is a simple summer dress with a ruffled hem and a cute double ruffled bodice, accented with a few bows and some pastel leggings! I chose a light tickle-me-pink because it's the perfect light, prnicessy feel lol. I love how cute this is!

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The second design in the "Update Your Fairytale" mini line! Another summer dress and leggings set, but this one is even more ruffled and detailed ^__^ I really love the lavender touches, especially the bow on the neck. This is a fairly simple design, a sleeveless dress, but all the ruffling and details give it a much more put-together feel. The white base will be comfortable and ideal for hot summer weather, so it's the perfect summer line <3