[HEYjuliet] <3


OMG where to start?? This was a revelation I had as I was waking up yesterday, and managed to remember enough of it to sketch it yesterday afternoon <3 This is the ultimate modern Juliet outfit- a pair of detailed white capri pants, a long-sleeved frilly shirt with a beautiful white script handwriting pattern, topped with a beautiful shirt. The top part (above the bow) is white lace roses, the bottom is a soft white semi-sheer fabric with a lovely ribbon. Of course, the outfit wouldn't be complete without a big bow in her hair!

I just can't believe how absolutely perfectly this outfit came out- just the way I wanted!! It is romantic, simplistic, and totally beautiful, all at once :D The beautiful gold jewelery will be a perfect touch to complete the outfit- gold hearts, lockets, and keys, maybe with little "pixie dust" bottles, too!

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ROMANCE SET: Clearly, I could not resist trying this outfit in several basic colors for the Juliet feel :D I really love the lavender and orchid combination in this set!! To me, nothing could possibly scream "ROMANCE <3" more perfectly than this outfit right here, in this color set ^______^

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PRINCESS SET: Another color set that I am trying out for my JULIET outfit. Something tells me that this version will be the most popular....I wonder why? lol. A lovely shade of pale tickle-me-pink for the long-sleeved shirt and a perfect pink for the ribbons and bows, offset by the soft white outfit ^_____^

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