Anything Cuter than Panda?


Alright, honestly, I just couldn't resist. I really had to do a panda outfit. I mean, HOW CUTE IS THIS?? hahaha Panda Pan! I think this would go over pretty well as an outfit for most punky kids, and would make an adorable easy Halloween outfit for most girls ^_____^

Yes, the panda hat would totally be included with the dress! Possibly the paino key arm-warmer as well...maybe as a set, for a slight upcharge. Because there is really nothing cuter than Panda Pan!! Except sad panda lol.

Again, a mini dress with leggings and arm-warmers, because there is no outfit that screams "feminine" more than this, in my opinion :D Somehow, I think this panda outfit will be one of my more popular outfits lol. I mean, it's so hard not to love the cute panda hat, isn't it?

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