Outfits Galore!

Here is my first outfit!!

I absolutely LOVE black and grey stripes together, so it was easy to come up with this first outfit for GinnyDarling: a black and grey striped mini dress with some cute embellishments (they may not be this pattern when I finally get to it- I'm thinking several designs with a base idea of silver and green, silver and turquoise, silver and purple, etc) ^____^ I think the outfit should have coordinated, layered jewelery that brings out the colors of the embellishments. The arm-warmer and leggings, on the other hand, I want to keep in a basic black and white. I always love the black and white piano key pattern, and I think the music pattern on the leggings :)

I intent to make each outfit style in at least a couple of different color schemes, but the original is just whatever color set strikes me as I am working on the piece to post it here :D

External Image