Grim Kozmar the Gengar

Name: Grim Kozmar
Pokemon: Gengar
National #: 094
Title: Shadow Pokemon
Type of Pokemon: Ghost/Poison
Nicknames: Grimmy
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthday: May 7th
Birthstone: Emerald
Sign: Taurus

Nature: Quirky – Grim can be very weird in what he does, and he finds everything he do perfectly normal. He is a bit unpredictable, and no one really knows how he’ll react to things; his smile hides his true emotions very well…

Held Items: Fog Badge necklace

Ability: Levitate (Shadow Tag when in Mega Form)

Attacks: Lick, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, Curse, Sucker Punch, Shadow Punch, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater, Dark Pulse, Hex, Nightmare, Sludge Bomb, Shadow Claw, Perish Song, Drain Punch, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Poison Jab

Weak Against: Ghost, Psychic, Dark
Height: 1,80 m
Weight: 90
Hair Color: Purple (Plum + Aubergine)
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Black Irises, Red Sclera (Black, Ruby)
Skin Tone: Almond
Build: Normal

Markings/Scars: /
Tattoos: /
Piercings: /

Appearance: Grim is always seen with a sly grin on his face, no matter what’s he doing. The only moment in which the smirk might disappear is if someone is too close to Mist. The little “horns” in his hair are actually his ears, and he loves when someone touches them, but he never says it.

Full Outfit: See image.

Personality: Grim is mostly easy going, and likes to stay with others, especially if they enjoy his “pranky” nature. Sometimes he may appear nervous for some unknown reasons, and that is because he is addicted to dreams, and if he doesn’t eat them for a long time he feels sick.

Orientation: Straight 

Significant Other: /
Rival: Anyone who tries to hit on Mist

Family: Morty, Mist

Relationships: He is well known by all the ones who know Morty, or have visited the gym.

Hometown: Sprout Tower

Job: /

Song Name: Sweet Dreams

Song Artist: Marilyn Manson


Likes: Hanging out with friends, travelling the regions with Morty, eating other’s dreams, staying with Mist.
Dislikes: Being in closed spaces for too long

Fears: Mist abandoning him to go with another man (yes, he has a serious sister complex!)

Strengths: Hypnotizing and confusing others
Weaknesses: Mist

Battle Style: Even though he can fight properly, he prefers the faster and tasteful way of hypnotizing the enemy, then give them Nightmares to eat them. He keeps doing that until the enemy passes out in his sleep, or can’t think anymore without being afraid.

In case this strategy fails, he can attack both from away and from a close range. He displays a vast variety of Punch attacks, so when he fights he’s more than likely to wear brass knuckles to add damage.

He can also hide perfectly in shadows and darkness, but when he’s really keen on what he’s doing, he can be found because of his inner ability to cool the air around him.



Food: Grilled Beef (and Dreams)

Drink: Tamarindus juice
Color: Black
Flower: 4 O’clock flower (Mirabilis Jalapa)
Tree: Ceylon Ebony (Diospyros Ebenum)
Season: Autumn
Activity: Travelling



Grim was born as a gijinka in Sprout tower, from unknown parents, who abandoned him as soon as he started breathing. He was found nearly dead by a monk living in there, that adopted him and made him live as a monk with all the others. Grim never really liked the place, the monks were very strict and the constant use of Flash by them during their training was very annoying.

As soon as he evolved into a Haunter, trouble came. He had to start wearing a hood to hide his purple hair, too odd for a human, and with even more restriction came the madness. Conscious of his origin and powers, while the monks were asleep, he started eating their dreams, to finally find peace, and luckily for him, every day after, none of the monks had any memory of that.
One day, at the tower came a young man, different from the monks. Grim stared at him from away, and he sensed something very different in him, so he started hoping in something better for himself. Sadly, as he was looking, the man and the Head Monk just exchanged a few words and everything went back to normal.

Angry, Disappointed and frustrated by the fact that he couldn’t even leave the tower, his hunger grew even more, and the same night he found himself nearly killing one of the monks because of that. Not even conscious of what he was doing, he felt a hand stopping him and taking away the hood he was wearing; he turned, ready to hit, but saw the man of the day before.
“Don’t do it.” He said, with a gentle but mysterious smile. “My name is Morty, I am Ecruteak’s Gym leader. Let’s leave this place, Grim”
Grim stared at him for a while, stopped himself from continuing what he was doing and followed Morty in the night, finally savouring the fresh air of the outside world.

With Morty he could reveal himself for what he was, a Haunter, and started Levitating around and pranking everyone. With that, his hunger for dreams became merely a once in a month habit.

As time passed, he evolved, became stronger and prouder, and he liked to be there to cheer up Morty when he wanted to give up on his task of finding Ho-Oh.

During one of their travel around the regions, they got to Sinnoh hoping to know more about other legends potentially connected to Ho-Oh, but they found something completely different and unexpected. Outside the new Lost Tower, a well-known graveyard, stood a girl, which wasn’t like the others: purple and petrol hair, red and yellow eyes. Grim noticed her first, pointing her out to Morty. As they got closer, she prepared herself to fight, but after a little talk between her and Morty she lowered her arms and stared at them with curious eyes, introducing herself as Mist the Misdreavus. After a few days, she came to them, ready to leave her home, the tower to travel with them.

As soon as they started their life together, Grim took Mist under his protection, being the brother she never had before. They grew closer and closer, and when she evolved thanks to the dusk stone given to her, he started to feel more for her than just brotherly love, as lots of other guys were interested in her, ready to to take her away from him.

When she had to leave them due to Morty’s future sighting dream, he felt his heart torn in million piece, and his hunger for dreams came back stronger than ever. With the help of Hansel, a Spiritomb gijinka who knew well what it’s like to feel powerless against other forces, he sow a dress out of a Reaper’s cloth and left one night to give it to his “sister” and love.

He still hopes for her to stay forever with them, and sometimes leaves the others to stay with her again, even if for a few hours.