Hansel's profile

Hansel Sperans
Pokemon: Spiritomb
National #: 442
Title: Forbidden Pokemon
Type of Pokemon: Ghost/Dark
28th February
Birthstone: Amethyst
Sign: Pisces

 Lonely – Hansel knows well his powers and reputation, but has little power over them, so he tends to stay away from others as he fears he could hurt them. He rarely gets out of Morty’s gym, and when he does, he’s either with Mortem or Gretel. He suffers a bit from his nature, because he likes company.

Held Items: 
Odd Keystone
Ability: Infiltrator, Pressure

Pursuit, Shadow Sneak, Faint Attack, Hypnosis, Dream eater, Ominous Wind, Nasty Plot, Dark pulse, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Double Team, Rock tomb, Embargo, Will-o-Wisp, Grudge, Nightmare, Pain Split, Foul Play, Icy Wind

Weak Against: 
 1,77 m
 75 kg
Hair Color:
 Purple and Green (Amethyst, Apple)
Hair Length:
 Short, medium length on the right side.
Eye Color:
 Bright green
Skin Tone: Vanilla
 4 on his left year, including an Odd Keystone-shaped Earring.

Appearance: Hansel loves dressing up with original or weird clothes, most made by himself; he has natural green meches on his hair, and his eyes change very often, and they have a spiral-shaped pupil: it is said that eyes are the mirror of the soul, and in Hansel case, it couldn’t be more right: his eyes change depending on how much he is in control of the evil spirits that live inside him.

“Normal” eyes shows he’s completely in control; eyes completely green and without spiral pupils shows that he is in control no more, and if they shift between eachother it means he’s trying his best to suppress the spirits’ strength.

Full Outfit: see image.

As his pokemon counterpart, he has 108 evil spirits that live in him, so his personality changes every second, depending on which spirit is possessing him most. In his “normal form” he is quiet and careful about everything he does. He enjoys staying with others but he can’t be completely calm. This makes him very nervous and not easy to stay with.

Significant Other: /

Gretel, his twin sister.

Relationships: /

 Lake Acuity

Job: /

Song Name: Zerstören (Destroy)

Song Artist: Rammstein

Having company, staying with Mortem and his sister, designing new clothes.
When he feels the impulse to destroy everything, being left alone, being feared.
 Hurting his loved ones in one of his rampages.
Strengths: Destroying and ruining everything (But he’s not proud of that).
 Keeping composure in a fight.

Battle Style: He never had a battle with real opponents, or at least he doesn’t remember about it. When he fights, he’s alone in his training and relax room, a special place in the gym that recreates a big city, and he destroys it every day to keep the spirits in him quiet.

When he does so, he lets the spirit take control, and they all decide on their own what to do, so his battle style is very confused and casual. When the spirits all agree on one thing, his attacks become very powerful and deadly.


Chicken with almonds.
Drink: Chamomile
Color: White
Flower: Amaryllis
Purple Leaf Sand Cherry (Prunus Cistena)
 Going out (whenever he can), designing clothes.


Background: Hansel was born in Lake Acuity with Gretel, his twin sister. Since when his mother died he started having trouble with keeping his spirits in their place.

With every year, more spirits would find place in him, until all 108 occupied his mind. The only one who kept him calm was Gretel, and after they met Chernobog, a Giratina gijinka, he could finally unleash his whole rage in the Distortion World, without fearing to hurt anyone.

As they left the village and joined Morty, he developed a strong bond with Mortem, an old, sick-looking Banette gijinka, who decided that helping Hansel would have been his life purpose.

With Mortem’s help, he managed to control the spirits better, by being able to suppress the weaker ones and by controlling some others to increase his power. With months passing, he started recognizing Mortem as the father he never really had, so he does his best every day to make him proud.