Gretel's profile

Name: Gretel “Freya” Sperans
Pokemon: Froslass
National #: 478
Title: Snow Land Pokemon
Type of Pokemon: Ice/Ghost
Nicknames: Freya
Gender: Female

 28th February
Birthstone: Amethyst
Sign: Pisces

 Gentle – Gretel is the kindest Ghost that anyone could ever meet. She is very loving and acts very mother-like. She helps everyone in need and her favourite occupation is taking care of the orphans and the babies.

Held Items: 
Ability: Snow Cloak, Cursed Body.

Attacks: Powder Snow, Double Team, Icy Wind, Confuse Ray, Ominous Wind, Wake-up Slap, Ice Shard, Hail, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Telekinesis, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Payback. Frost Breath, Avalanche, Ice Punch, Ice Fang, Crunch.

Weak Against: 
Rock, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Dark
Height: 1,78 m
76 kg
Hair Color:
 White/silver and pastel blue (Powder Blue, Pastel blue, Ice Grey 1)
Hair Length:
 Medium length as she keep them in twin ponytails.
Eye Color: Yellow and Blue (Lemon and Powder Blue)

Skin Tone: Blush
 Skinny but with big breasts
Markings/Scars: / 

Tattoos: /


Appearance: Gretel is dressed up in a pretty, lolita-like kimono with snowflakes all over it. She has always a kind smile on her face, and wears ice crystals as hair clips. She wears a light violet eye shadow and deep purple lipstick.

Full Outfit: See image.

 Gretel is very kind, and loves to help other in any way they might need. She loves children and youngsters, and would do anything to protect them. If she gets angry or is worried about them, she can cause a huge blizzard to storm wherever she wants, and she has been seen making ice statues of her enemies.

Orientation: Straight
Significant Other: Chernobog the Giratina

 Hansel, her twin brother.

Relationships: /

Hometown: Lake Acuity

Job: Baby sitter

Song Name: Eva

Song Artist: Nightwish
 Singing, caring for the others, playing with children.
People who are evil to her friends and babies, hot places.
Losing Hansel and failing in protecting/helping everyone.
 Ice and weather control, hiding.
Controlling her rage.

Battle Style: If she is alone, she is a fast attacker type, and tries to don’t leave space to the enemy to move. She attacks with powerful ice attacks, hiding in the hail and blizzard she summons with a single breath. She likes to turn her enemies into ice statues, that she keeps hidden in places only known by her.

If she’s with someone else, she can decide for teamwork, or for a full defense mode, in which covers everyone with ice armors, keeping enemies away with sharp ice shards raising from the ground.


Every type of frozen food
Drink: Ice tea
Color: Lavender
Tree: Silver Wattle 
(Acacia Dealbata)
Season: Winter

Activity: Babysitting and teaching

Background: She was born with Hansel in Lake Acuity, from a very weakened and suffering mother, Grace (Glalie), who had been raped by a rampaging Spiritomb gijinka. Even if they were the children of rape, she raised them with the love of the best mother, and Gretel, knowing what happened, admired that a lot. Grace died when the twins were at the age of 13, just before the downfall of Hansel’s mind. With every year that passed, he was getting weaker to the spirit’s intrusions, but luckily Gretel knew how to help him, as her mother had taught her. She loved her brother, and knew he couldn’t live without her.

One day, they heard from Snowpoint City’s villagers that a strange portal had opened behind the temple, and closed after a few minutes. Interested by that, they both went there at night, and discovered a wounded Giratina gijinka, named Chernobog. They then brought him home without anyone knowing, and helped him getting better. With the cures of the twin, Chernobog got better soon and started helping them as he could, by protecting them and by opening little portals to the Distortion World to let Hansel unleash his rage and stay calmer.

Months passed, and Gretel found herself falling in love with the legend, and when she confessed her love, he was very pleased and happy. The lovers and Hansel then went away from the village and started travelling the land, until they encountered Morty, who offered them a place to live safely in his hidden basement under the gym. They accepted and they now live there, with all the others Ghost gijinkas.