Giada's Profile

Name: Giada Stargrave
Pokemon: Shiny Golurk
National #: 623
Title: Automaton Pokemon
Type of Pokemon: Ground/Ghost
3rd September
Birthstone: Sapphire
Sign: Virgo

 Adamant – Giada is a born fighter and defender. Her wish is to be a hero and earn the armor that will enable her to fly. She’s always sure of what she’s doing, and no one will ever be able to make her change her mind on what must be done.

Held Items: /
Ability: Iron Fist (Klutz, No Guard)

Shadow Punch, Iron Defense, Mega Punch, Dynamic Punch, Night Shade, Curse, Heavy Slam, Earthquake, Hammer Arm, Focus Punch, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Stone Edge, Flash cannon, Strength, Drain punch, Earth power, Fire/Ice/Thunder Punch, Superpower, Zen Headbutt.

Weak Against: 
Ghost, Water, Grass, Ice, Dark
 1,80 m
 90kg (160kg with the armor on)
Hair Color:
 Dark Red (Red Sweater + Burgundy)
Hair Length:
 Quite short, long to the shoulder only on the right side
Eye Color:
 Green (Bright green)
Skin Tone: Blush
 Fit and muscular
Markings/Scars: A neon green mark on her left eye

Appearance: Giada looks like a fighter, she always wear part of her armor, and when she’s fighting, an helm appears on her head. She has the body of a fighter and cares very little to look like a lady. She keeps her hair short to not have problems with it in battle.

Full Outfit: See picture above

 To have the best from her, is better to know her well. She is normally polite and calm, but if her pride is somewhat tainted, or if someone taunts her, she becomes a wild beast. She has no problem in fighting anyone to have what she wants.

She likes to be with her friends and people she loves, but is not fond of public demonstration of love, and finds them embarrassing or even not polite.

Significant Other: /

 She’s been raised by the ancient order of the Golurk knights, where all the Golurk and Golett that pass the test are initiated to become powerful knights with the purpose of defending the humans.

Relationships: /

 Icirrus City
Job: Knight

Song Name: Hall of Fame
Song Artist: The Script (ft


Secret romance, training, fighting, baking (even though she never says it)
Open romance, people taunting her, when men make fun of women
 She has been trained to fear nothing
 Hand to hand combat, taking down flying enemies
Weaknesses: Ghost, Water, Grass, Ice, Dark type moves. She can’t stay in water for a long time or else she’ll feel weak and exhausted 

Battle Style:
CURRENTLY -normal armor-

She fights her enemies by pinning them to the ground or keeping them close enough to use her very powerful punches. Every flying enemy is pinned to the ground by her not really powerful ice beam, then mashed by her physical attacks.
Elemental punches are made by the reactors on her gloves, that engulf her hands in fire/ice/thunder,. Other attacks such as Flash cannon, Ice beam, Thunderbolt, Shadow ball, are made in the same way, but are thrown toward the enemy.

-Flying armor-

The fighting style stays the same, but she’s now able to fly after flying enemies, and moves way faster. Her attacks become thus more powerful and deadly.


Bread with honey
Drink: Coffee
Color: Red
Flower: Gladiolus
 Training and baking (she’s actually very good at baking, but no one knows it)


Background: Since her childhood, Giada was raised as a knight of the Golurk order. Due to her being “shiny”, she was always picked on by others knights, but she was just too focused on other things to pay attention to them. As soon as she evolved, after years and years of training, the first person who tried to pick on her got crashed on a wall. She then decided to train more and be strong enough to defend the weak as a knight should do.

At the end of her training, she was almost perfect, but in order to receive the most powerful armor of the order, (the one that enables her to fly) she has to show how great she actually is. She then left the order to wander around and find a way to become a hero and later claim the armor. Whether this is what she is really required, only the order knows…