Cara's profile

Name: Cara Phantomb
Pokemon: Cofagrigus
National #: 563
Title: Coffin Pokemon
Type of Pokemon: Ghost
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (this is how old she was when she died)
 14th April
Birthstone: Diamond
Sign: Aries

Docile – Cara is a very calm person, and doesn’t like fighting and violence. She enjoys the company of others and never questions their doing.

Held Items: /


Protect, Haze, Night Shade, Hex, Will-o-Wisp, Ominous Wind, Curse, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Energy Ball, Payback, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Iron Defense, Pain Split

Weak Against: 
Ghost, Dark
 1,60 m
 63 kg
Hair Color: Blonde (Buttercup + Lemon) with light blue locks beside her face

Hair Length:
 Just a bit under the shoulders
Eye Color:
 Red (Crimson)
Skin Tone: Dusky Pink

Appearance: Cara looks mostly like a mummy or like someone who has lived in an ancient place for a long time. Most of her body is covered by bandages, falling apart by her elbows and knees. She always has to carry her coffin/sarcophagus with her, and its seems no one else is capable of lifting it. Inside it lives “Shadow”, that is a part of Cara. Shadow helps her fighting and defending, and outside battles, she carries the coffin. When Shadow is outside it, it has closed eyes.

Full Outfit:(see picture above)

 Cara is very kind and naïve. She dies as a human when she was 16 years old, and since then has always lived in Relic Castle with her brother-like friend Garland. She knows a little about the outside worlds and how to show love to other people, but she loves hugging and making contact like holding hands or linking arms. She’s more like a young girl rather than an adult.

Significant Other: /

 Her real family died in a war, but Garland took care of her, so he’s her family.

Relationships: Knows very well Mist and the other ghosts that live in Morty’s gym.

Relic Castle
Job: /

Song Name: Angels Fall First

Song Artist: Nightwish



 Staying with others, smiling, having fun, hugging and making contact with others
 Fighting, arguing, seeing sad people
Being hurt
 Defense, making friends with others
 Anyone who is too menacing

Battle Style: She doesn’t like to battle and she just goes inside her coffin, while Shadow does everything else. If she’s in danger, she uses her ability Mummy to turns other into mummies, then leaves them there, even if her instinct tells her she should eat them.
Shadow instead, is a very vicious attacker and likes to tangle the shadow of the opponents to control them and scare them.


Chocolate cake
Drink: Milk
Color: Blue
Flower: Forget-me-not

Tree: Judas Tree
 Playing around


Background: Cara was born as a human in a town of Unova. Her parents died during a war in another region, but she was too little to be sad about it. Before leaving forever, their parents instructed their faithful gijinka friend Garland to care of their daughter. He did as they said, and raised her as a kind and gentle child, who loved everyone. Even during her few school years, she was known for being the better mannered child. During that happy time, she was also introduced to the youngsters of Morty’s gym, Samael the Sableye, Driskoll the Drifloon (at that time) and Mist the Misdreavus. Together they had many happy times, but one day… Garland noticed Cara was growing weaker and weaker, but she always tried to not show it. After seeing many doctors, it turned out she was very sick, so he stayed by her side for all the time she had left. On night, Cara died, but her will was so strong that she came back as a Yamask gijinka, and Garland took her to Relic castle, to introduce her to her new kind.

Whilst the legend says that Yamasks cry while watching their mask, Cara was the only happy Yamask around. Everytime she looked at her mask, she laughed and smiled happily, thinking of the great time she had with the little ones. While the others continued their growing up, she remained with the body and mind of when she died, and thinking about that was making her a bit sad. She kept thinking about it, seeing Garland getting older, so one day she decided to keep everything for her, and she evolved in a Cofagrigus. She was even more saddened by that, because she was now confined with an huge and heavy coffin shaped after her, and inside it was that scary presence that was eating all her memories. With the time she reduced as a non-speaking living thing, always beside her coffin, and nothing could make her smile or frown. It’s thanks to the help of her old friends, Samael and Driskoll, along with a very scared friends of their, Danika the Dunsparce (ChiPolVee’s character) that she found the courage to enter the coffin and face the presence, that was nothing else than Shadow, that was as scared as she was. She then realized how stupid she’s been to act as if she was alone, and decided to live her life as when she was alive: happy and caring.
She left Relic Castle with Garland and her friends, and now she’s wandering around to know better the ways of the world, and maybe to find love~