How to RP me

So… if you want to know how to RP me better, here comes a guide!

  • I’m a ghost, therefore I can appear and disappear as I like. I can also walk into walls and things like that!
  • I enjoy scaring people~ fear is mostly what gives me strength. Lately I’ve learned how to be strong without scaring others, but fear remains a real power-boost for me!
  • My ability is Levitate, so I can be seen hovering in the air and look like I’m simply standing or sitting ;)
  • I’m an illusionist, so I can often be seen while doing magic tricks. Plus I can take out from my hat almost everything. Oh, mischief can be my second name. I have no problem into tricking others in making what I want them to do! Not that I use this trick often~
  • It may seem weird, but I LOVE fighting. I never say “no” to a fight, even if I’m in disadvantage. I don’t like losing, so I can do my worst to win… but if losing happens, I’ll never admit it. I’ll probably be saying “I’m just temporary retreating from victory”
  • When I fight, I’d rather attack than defend. To me, the best defense is attack!!
  • I do not have a troubled past.. at least not as much as others! I still miss the time I spent with Morty and his team, but I won’t stay and cry about those times… not too much!
  • I am normally kind, even with people I don’t know well. If I’m good friend with someone, I would always stay by their side, helping them in every decision they take.
  • I rarely get angry. But when I do, it’ better to stay away from me. I’m not afraid to use all my power against someone. If it happens that I use Curse.. well, you’re simply doomed. If anyone wonders how Curse works, just ask
  • As I talk, sometimes I can giggle. Also, a tempting smirk is always on my lips, and you don’t want to know why~
  • I know how to sing, but when I do it’s mostly for chanting spells. I can make people suffer from it, or I can make them happy and relaxed.
  • I’m not afraid to use my body and appearance to deceive the enemy, even if I’d prefer not to do it…

any questions, I'll be more than happy to clear your mind from doubt *smiles and disappears*