Mist's updated profile

Mist Fearcanief
Pokemon: Mismagius
National #: 429
Title: Magical Pokemon
Type of Pokemon: Ghost
 January 24th
Birthstone: Garnet
Sign: Aquarius

 Modest - Mist is a very modest person, and she often belittles herself, despite being quite strong. She even tries to hide the good achievements she accomplish, to not make others feel inferior; due to this, if someone compliments her, she'll probably blush and turn the compliment to the other.
Anyway, when being in company of closest friends, she's more likely to unleash the 'naughty' side of her.

Held Items:
 Spell Tag and Reaper Cloth

Hex, Toxic, Shadow Ball, Powergem, Inferno, Will-o-Wisp, Shadow Sneak, Curse, Ominous Wind, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Foul Play, Psychic, Energy Ball, Icy Wind

Weak Against: 
Ghost and Dark types
 168 cm
 72 kg
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
 Half the back
Eye Color:
 Red iris and yellow sclera (Lemon, Berry Red)
Skin Tone:
 Pale (Almond/Light Fawn)
 Curvy, but athletic in its way
 In her right ear, an earring with a small Spell Tag

Appearance: She has long wavy purple hair sometimes covered by a Mismagius-looking purple hat. Her eyes have red iris and yellow sclera; she wears red lipstick; she has very graceful hands, with long elegant fingers.

Full Outfit: Winter, Fall, Spring/Summer, Fighting and Formal oufit

 Kind and caring. She normally has a strong attitude, but when she's with males she becomes a bit naughty and submissive. She appears to know everything about emotions, and knows best if someone needs to be left by himself. It seems sometimes her voice can make people happy.

Significant Other: /

 Morty's companions are her "family", while her original one died in the Lost Tower. Grim Kozmar is the one she refers to as “brother”.

Relationships: Mist's Relationship Chart

Lost Tower (Sinnoh)
Job: Illusionist

Song Name: Last Ride of the Day
Song Artist: Nightwish


Darkness, ice cream, illusions and magic, scaring others.
Losing, being useless
Being abandoned
 Fighting, mind games, strategies and magic
Dark-type moves and having to defend

Battle Style: Mist likes to fight, and most of the time she’ll put up a show in the same time.
Usually she darkens the place with Ominous Wind, so that most of the opponents will get disoriented, or even scared. She can also appear behind the enemy while using Shadow Sneak, or burn them with Will-o Wisp and Inferno.

If the opponent is burned, or poisoned, she’ll be most likely to use Hex.

Mist is also prone to attack first, maybe after a swift study of the enemy. She also feels fear, and the more fear the opponents feels, the stronger she gets. If she sees that the enemy is easily scared she’ll proceed to make things creepy and scary, maybe by forcing it to a game of tag, or of hide-and-seek that she’ll obviously win. In these cases she’ll probably sing also some creepy song saying to the enemy to hide, or to run before the game ends.

If an ally is in danger she’ll help for sure, attacking the enemy to distract them.

her most powerful attack is Curse, that she rarely uses because it puts herself in danger. she uses it by summoming a dagger and stabbing herself to use the blood for cursing the enemy. if an enemy is cursed, he'll die/faint (it depends on how much grudge she holds for the person) in atrocious pain.



 Yaki soba (and Fear)
Drink: Tea
Color: Black
Red Rose
Tree: Abies Alba (European Silver Fir)
 Being Creepy, making illusionist’s tricks


Mist was born as a Misdreavus gijinka in Lost Tower, where she lived with her parents and friends. Everything was going well, and scaring the hell out of people by jumping outside of graves was funny, but one day, a Dragon pokemon on a rampage destroyed half of the Lost tower, that collapsed on the ground. Even if every pokemon in there was ghost-type, it seemed that Mist was the only survivor, but she couldn't believe it and stayed by the ruins of the Tower waiting patiently to see if someone survived. Years passed, the tower was rebuilt, but still no signs of survivors. new pokemon came back to live in there, new trainer passed by but nothing changed. she stayed there in the shadows, avoiding all attempts of being captured (because in that place Gijinkas were very rare and having one meant being popular), until one day a ghost-type trainer came to the tower and saw her. Mist, like always, prepared herself to fight, but somewhere in her heart she felt that it wouldn't be necessary. the trainer had a Gijinka near him, a Gengar, who smiled and waved to her. -that was strange, thought Mist, -normally trained pokemon stayed in pokeballs, and Gijinkas were kept in cages, as a thing meant to be exihibited. The trainer introduced himself to her, saying that his name was Morty and that he sought for another ghost companion to stay with him in his quest for Ho-Oh. obviously he referred to Mist, but at first she didn't want to leave her "home"; after some thinking she understood that her past life was gone with the old tower, so she decided to go with Morty and the Gengar named Grim to make herself a new life.

Grim became like a brother to her, they always spent lot of time together, and Morty brought them to many weird places. After many fights, Morty asked her if she'd like to evolve, showing her a Dusk Stone. Mist agreed and evolved into a Mismagius. She was living happily with them, but a day Morty had a future sighting dream, where he saw Mist being killed by some strange guys wearing dark clothes because she was trying to protect him. He then sadly decided to free her, to let her live. At first, Mist didn't want to be free, and she always followed her former trainer everywhere he went, with tears in her eyes, asking to stay together, even if Morty explained to her why he did so, but still she didn't care, she just wanted to stay with the ones who made her happy. but after seeing for a while the sadness in Morty's and Grim's eyes everytime they saw her, she stopped following them for their own good. After another endless night spent alone in the forest, she saw someone approaching her, but she wasn't scared, because it had a familiar scent. in fact it was Grim, who brought her two farewell present made by him and Morty, as a promise that they will stay together even if they are far away: a dress made out from a Reaper Cloth and a Spell Tag earring. after giving Mist the presents, he smiled gently (for once) and disappeared. Mist quickly dressed up with the new dress, and put the earring, knowing happily that like that it was like she was going to be with her beloveds, forever.

while roaming in the forest, she came to a ruined building that looked like a former headquarter; she then hid in the forest, knowing that something was going to happen...