Hello all! It's Ikara-o-Kage in her little world of shadows. Like the moon she has two sides. One the world see most of the time. And one that only a lucky few get to see and know that they have. This is basically my little rant stop. I will post little clips of my life here, a video at the end of each post unless I post from school or haven't been on youtube in a while.

I don't bite though, so go ahead and comment. They make my day.

Now, I leave to read this little glimpse of my story, in all it's infinate glitches...

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>.< Ignore this... I'm cheating. (School work)

>.< Ignore this... “Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace” 1962. The year the SEALs became active and the year that Wal-mart opened it’s first set of doors. This was the...

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Well well...

Look what the cat coughed up this morning. Has been quite some time since I even logged in... Originally came back to find something in an archive of my cousin's site, info on an old character of his so I could rewrite a story of mine. Much to my dismay, this lead to finding his site deleted. Since I was here, I figured what the hell, log in, check everything. I'm amazed I've not been deleted for inactivity. o0;

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Now... Where to start? Life has been hectic but I've managed to get it... somewhat under control. School is hell, and any 'personal' part of my life is crazy as all get out. o0;

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Ehh... Anyway. MySpace, FaceBook, AQW, and many, many, other things have faded from my life. I don't use them anymore. FaceBook even got locked. IMVU I still visit on occasion, KoodoriAkamadoshi if you wish to visit me when I am there. Final Fantasy XI... Let's just say it's going no where anytime soon. >>; I've blazed up the ranks and such, my kitty is actually powerful now... Job levels are as follows...

'Dazzling Dance Diva' Dancer Genkai 5 1/4!

Dancer 80 - AF1 4/5 AF2 4/5 Azoth:O

Red Mage 65 - AF1 5/5 AF2 0/5 Enhancing Sword:O

Dragoon 58 - AF1 4/5 AF2 1/5 Skystrider:X

THF 47 - AF1 1/5 BLU 44 - AF1 1/5

SAM40 NIN37 BLM29 WHM25 COR24 SCH23 MNK21 RNG21 SMN20 DRK17 WAR16 BST16 BRD7 PUP5 20/20 Unlocked.

... x.x Ok, lots of headaches, had to look up my jobs. But anyway! As you see, I've gone a long way since last update, but this isn't FFXI fan-site is it?

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As far as my animes and writings, I've fallen gravely behind in both. My lil' red laptop failed me, finally, when the harddrive failed sometime ago. I've since gotten a new one, and already had to wipe the drive from a virus. Sadly, this means I've lost several hundred stories/edits. I have paused my writing to do a lot of reading. The Anita Blake series has claimed my heart, and it's not letting go. The Nightworld series was also rather good, I've kinda lost intrest in it though on the 3rd book, 7th of the total 9 stories I own of it... Kinda disappointed me a bit. You may very well see a wall paper with a quote from one of those two pop up...

External Image

Well... I've done enough ranting, I'll leave you be now. Expect a potential story to pop up soon, a rewrite of an old essay from 7th grade (I am now in 11th, Junior!). Perhaps, if lucky enough, you may know some of the people in it... Farewell.

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My appologies...

I regret to inform my friends here, but I will not be returning to TheOtaku for a long time, if ever. If, by some miracle, I do find it in my self to return, I will set out in search of the friends I have made here...

My reasons are simple. My life in real has taken a nasty turn, I've landed myself in trouble and this, along with many other things, are slowly wearing away at my sanity and resolve to continue writing, drawing, role-playing, and anything else you can list that may form as an 'escape'.

Once more, I appologize. Best of luck to all of you, your families, your friends, and I hope the best befalls you all in life.

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Yes, I'm still alive. I swear it. lol I've been caught up in my FFXI and Schooling so yeah, I've been going nuts. I've deleted my FFXI world because I quite simply made it retarded. >>; I seriously screwed it up so yeah. I may remake it later on, if I'm lucky. I don't have much to post here though, so yeah. As for SA, I'll try to hop back in soon. If someone whats to be a doll and pull me back in by including me in a post, I'd appreciate it. lol

Now, I'll leave you be. >>

If you can read the above line, you know the game, grats. lol If not, don't worry, it's not that important. :3

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Well, well... News, news, and more news. Well... not really. But whatever. Updates on my life are as follows:

TheOtaku : Yeah, I check it everyday, constantly reading/checking posts from friends and subscribed peoples. I will hopefully get to making some new wallpapers and get my two drawings up. I can't take a picture with the phone as the resolution is a bit too small and I get the feeling it would get rejected because of that. So yeah. *Also, I may be making a new world after I post this. FFXI log book >>:3

MyOtaku : Ok, I'll admit it. I haven't even TOUCHED MyO in only God knows how long. I normally just post here, but I am probably going to post something there eventually. Dunno when though ...

FallenSword : Ok, I lied. I came back and now my guild understands my scedule and how things work on my end. They trust me to come back and I trust them not to kick me instantly. ^.^ So yeah. My Avi Shop is also taking off. If you are on FS and need one, contact me. Player Search : TalonBreak

Final Fantasy XI: Online : Yeah... I'll be making a world for all this when I finish giving updates for teh rest of my stuffz. Too many things to say and too many details so yeah. I'll also be giving random tid bits of info for the game when I get it up and running.

IMVU : Yeah, I'm still there. Drama has kinda been everywhere but I've dealt with it and now things are slowly returning to normal. I'm also deving now. :3 Yep. I have two scythes up and am working on a set of twin blades at the request of a friend. Then I have a set of armor to re-texture for a friend and a dress to make as a wedding gift to another. So yeah. Busy busy busy, but always up for a good conversation. Just tell me who ya' are so I know who I am talking to. lol

MidnightBlackOut : Yes, my site is being neglected. I need to go track down all my wallpapers and upload them. I will try to do that soon.

FanFiction.net : Yeah, still alive here as well. I need to update it, but writter's block is a cruel thing...

!*FictionPress.net*! : Yes. I am now on FP.net as well. I have a story that I am turning into an original, as it was originally a fanfic. Still working on fixing it though, when I get it fixed, I'll update you here.

Whooosh... Lots of things going on. But yeah, I'm still here. Working from school at the moment, as my lappy is at home and I am at school. lol But anyway. Have fun! Off to create my FFXI journal >:3

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