YAY!!! Im soooooo happy! School is finally out for me~! XD I finally prevail in the journy through the school year, persevering the doomed mountain of homework, battling quarter exams, and finally prevailing victor of the battle of the finals! And getting various awards as well! Woooooo! B Honor Role Awards! Yeeaaahh~! * pumps fist in the air* Anyways, Im officially on summer vacation now, which means................ MORE OF ME ON THEO! More drawings and comments! Sorry I missed commenting on all the AWESOMEart here! * sniffle* I missed soooooo much good work~! Anyways, just posting to all you guys!
And now................ The most random excerpt known to man which I found in the inside of a iced tea's lid that goes as follows:
In a moment the ashes are made, but the forest is a long time growing.- Seneca.
Ok. I'll post a pic I have as soon as I can!
See ya guys!
- Gero Chan