Gero Frog Blog Guest Posts.

Hay there Everyone one! As we all know, the Gero Frog blog is (mostly) a guide to certain art materials. But allot of Artist's I meet here on TheO know allot about specific art materials I have never heard of. Which brings me here to say that I will invite Guests to the Gero Frog Blog! I value all of the information that people offer to give on art materials. If you would like to be a Guest Poster on this World, please do pm me and I will add you to the list of Guest Posters. Thank you so much!

Rules for this World:
. No bad words are permitted.
. nothing R rated on this blog please.

. You can post anything you want like Youtube videos, images, etc. as long as they are in the guidelines.
. If you are not sure about posting something just ask me.
. You can do a post on an art material that has already been posted on this blog. The more info there is the better!

- Gero Chan