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oh btw peoples your all thinking of Kida Masaomi... but he stole the name of my OC (seriously i made up that name when i was... what? 6? i think i was about 6 and ive always had the name Kida Tiamor for my OC) (so this isnt about Kida Masaomi its about Kida Tiamor T_T this is after he left town anyway (this is the ending to my Fan fic... that i havent written... its the ending before the edning... she still has to kill Shizuo and herself :3)

Kida and Izaya are in his front room sat againt his full wall window that views the whole town which is being slaughtered by the Half Humans "Kida... Why?" Kida looks towards Izaya "Humans are so boring" a wry smile crossed her face "i wanted to see them run, see them scatter in fear knowing that, inevitably, they'd all be slaughtered" she laughed that laugh that sent chills down his spine, he looked up at the woman stood infront of him, she was insain, there was not possibility that someone sain could or would do something like this "I don't get it... Why did so many people die? and how did you perfect it? i mean these people werent reconised as known people, where did you find them?" that dark smile never left her face as she spoke "well, seeing as i like you... ill tell you" her eyes left his for a moment to gaze out of the window at the chaos "First I started with normal adult humans, I had the problem of their nerves not connecting with their new appendages and the humans who survived wouldnt be loyal and I couldnt erase their memories so I had to put them down," she paused, as if she were deciding to hide something from him "Sometimes I wasnt the best at hiding the bodies, thats why some were found" her smile turned sad as she spoke "Next I tried on new born children, they only had about a 20% chance of survival, it wasnt enough for the time and effort spent on them and also they were still just humans with tails or horns, they would never be anything other than that, their children would still be human, I decided that I'd have to take it to the next level, I took the gene that causes a Lizard to grow a tail and put it into a fertilized egg, then I artificially impregnated one of our... Victims" she grinned at the word
"So you saw them as victims?" she laughed her cold laugh again, sending chills down his spine "what else could they be? they didnt want to be operated on, some of them put up good fights, thats why K-" she broke off and looked thoughtfull, although it was obvious she was trying to cover her slip up, she'd let herself get carried away and she was scolding herself in her head
"Anyway when the child was born it grew a lizards tail, when I had been operating on new borns I made a machine to age a person when placed into the cylinder, I used this to make the pregnant women age by 9 months and give birth to the babies and then to age the babys into adulthood, hey had a 100% survival rate because we found that the Aging Cylinder keeps the person with enough energy and nutrition to live at a stable rate, the reason for miscarrages now adays is diet, poor diet, exersise and drugs, and there we have it, thats how (Italics>) I created my beautiful half breeds, not half breeds, Pedigrees" her eyes were staring out of the window again, the fight outside had escalated, a few of her "Pedigrees" had fallen but the majority of the dead were humans.
Kida crouched down infront of Izaya, she reached out and gently caressed his neck, feeling the slow, calm heart beat beneath the skin, "You're Calm" she just said it as a fact, a statement. Her fingers laced across his neck, her other hand reached out, this one slipped around the back of his neck, her fingers combed through his hair and stopped at the crown, she gently held a fistfull of his hair and gently tilted his head backwards, he opened his eyes and looked at her for a moment, her eyes were fixed on his neck, her eyes were black as the night sky, he looked behind her, long white feathered wings stretched out from her back, the tips gently brushing the ceiling, Although this made no logical sense he didn't question it, he just looked at the Angel before him, not an angel, an angel of Death, she had caused so much chaos, surley she couldnt have done this singlehandedly, his thoughts were cut short as he felt her nails slowly digging into the side of his throat, slowly digging deeper and deeper, untill he felt such a pressure on his neck that he wanted to scream when suddenly she let go, he didnt understand, she was letting him live...? she stood up, there was blood on her hands, there was blood everywhere, he realised, the relief he was feeling was the Hypoxia gently weaving its way around his body, he closed his eyes letting the calm dizzyness wash over him untill he felt nothing at all.
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