There in the shadows, many abide
Lying in wait to turn the tide

Humans shall raze what they don't understand
Thinking the world is at their command

Time shall bring forth what centuries forgot
Elusive memories soon to be caught

Many lessons still to be learned
Countless stones left unturned

To find myself among the world
A hidden banner left unfurled

A nature masked by human traits
My true self still awaits

Another Begginning

Perhaps I should start at a different point in my life; one that I actually remember. I moved into one of the most concentrated areas of lycanthropic activity just last fall, and it was here that everything has become a lot clearer. In my past, I just believed I was different from everyone else, now I see that that's because I am different. After I started my second semester in my sophomore year, I befriended a boy and his fiance.

He told me one day about his allergy to silver. At first I joked around with him about him being a werewolf, but soon he told me otherwise. That was when the door opened. His fiance was soon to tell me then that I wasn't human either, but she couldn't figure out what I was. I've always been hard to read, whether it was my emotions or my motives.

That's when I went back to an old family friend. He had talked about his being a dragon, but I thought it was another game of his. Yet again, I was wrong.

I was cautious about bringing the question up. It started when I asked him if he believed in other races. He was quick to tell me yes, and so we got onto the topic of my true nature. After days of careful contemplation, he came to the conclusion that I was a were-fox, or kitsune.

My constant skyward gaze and quick thinking were almost dead giveaways, though we didn't see it until later on. Once I learned of my race, I was intrigued to find that my whole life had led up to this. Little reactions, quirks, and habits were explained in full, and then some. Since then I haven't felt that hole inside, and it's kept me going on.

Perhaps an introduction is best...

You want to know more about me? Well, perhaps an introduction is in order. My name? Well, for now you may call me Riezu. I am a kitsune of the night, a were-fox by your tongue; another race hidden by myths and legends. I may not be as well known as werewolves and vampires and such, but don't be misled, I am still as strong as any.

As in any story, the beggining is where to start, and this tale goes long back, to the days of ancient Japan, when the world was still young-- no, perhaps that's not right. To be honest, I don't remember my past.. but maybe the future will hold more value, and reveal what's lost.