E3 2015: Dreams Do Come True (Final Thoughts)

I wanted to give my thoughts on E3 2015.

This had to be one of the most interesting E3 I have witnessed in my life. Outside of conferences I say most major companies (Sony, Nintendo, Xbox) and developers/publishers seem to have a pretty solid lineup. Though I read the latest newsletter about Adam’s time there and that do suck about how most of the big games weren’t playable except Nintendo’s. But this is from the perspective of someone who watched the streams from home.

I’ll give my quick thoughts on each conference. I was going to do a list of games I look forward to, but I guess this kind of mention those plus I don’t know what all games were on the floor since I didn’t watch all streams just the main ones.

I didn’t get to see the Oculus Conference so if anyone did watch it, feel free to comment about it.

For quicker scroll if you're interested in separate things, for me F3 bring sup the search and just type the name in there like Bethesda, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo, Square Enix, PC Gaming Show, and such.

Bethesda: “Amazing & really happy for their fans.”

I don’t play Bethesda games. I tried Skyrim on the 360 and didn’t care for it. I might give it a try again if I had a better PC and add mods to it. Then I never tried any other Bethesda games aside from this. So why did I watch the conference? Because I’m pretty open to learning about new games and well it’s E3~ Never know.

I’m so happy for the fans. Their conference was amazing. They showed a lot of gameplay and just really got into the meat of their games. The most amazing part about it was their showing of Fallout 4. My eyes were glued. I might not ever try this game, but the features they spoke on and just so many points were flippin’ awesome. Also they announced allowing mods on the Xbox One from the PC which is a pretty big deal.

I have no complaints about Bethesda. Their crowd was so alive and so happy and I just couldn’t help but be happy with them.

Microsoft: “Games, Games, Games”

Okay, Microsoft had a solid conference. And I am happy for the Xbox fans out there. The one thing that really stuck out to me is how they are making Xbox One systems backwards compatible. You don’t even have to buy a new system for this to work. I think they’ll do an update and selected 360 games can be played on the Xbox One. I think over time they will add more titles that will be playable. You can even input the physical 360 disc of the playable game and download it and play it. That was a good game move on Microsoft’s behalf. Pretty similar on how they did the backwards compatibility on the 360 to play original Xbox games.

The halolens is pretty cool and the demonstration of Minecraft on it. I know some people question the use and feel it’s a gimmick, but I actually watched a pretty lengthy video on the halolens a few months back or many weeks back and even if it’s not primarily for gaming, I just thought it was pretty cool to experience something like that especially if you’re a sci-fi fan.

Everything else was pretty solid except I did feel they showed too many CG trailers without really delving into the game or learning more about the game so it was hard to get hype for certain things, but some did pique my interest. Though I find it odd the Dark Souls III trailer showed up at this conference instead of Sony’s, but it's great to see the rumors were true that there is another Dark Souls installment.

Also I felt there were sooooooooo many shooters. Great for those who enjoy shooters and I’m happy for you all. It’s just didn’t make me want an Xbox One. XD I’m not a Halo, Gears of War, or Fable fan so yeah they didn’t personally sell me to get this console, but those who are fans of these series you all in for a treat especially Halo fans and Gears of War fans.

I LOVE their indie titles though especially Cuphead. So glad to have read that will be on the PC. Well hopefully, I hope it’s still on PC too. :3

Oh and the new controller looks nice too and seem to have some niffy things going on for it. Oh and there were things from Rare like a collection of games for $30 and some new pirate game which I think is a MMO.


Their conference was the worst one for me. I just…can’t…this is the second time they just had a really bad conference. It was nice to know there is another Mass Effect, but there wasn’t much of it. What stood out for me was the new Need for Speed (I do love racing games), I love how they are bringing back customizations and this looks ton more interesting than their previous Need for Speed titles recently annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Star Wars: Battlefront looks fun. So happy to learn that it will have third person (1st person shooters tend to make me feel ill) and local multiplayer~

Not only that, I see aerial combat and I’m all over that. I love me some good aerial combat. (though I found out recently it actually sucks <.<;;;; dangit! DX)

What hugely stood out to me was Unravel. I think if they would have just had Martin Sahlin(sp?) & Yarnie/Yarny up there the whole time it would have made it infinite better. :3 Cute looking game by the way~

OH OH Not really a sports fan, but I will give props that the new FIFA game will also have the women’s football teams. *thumbs up* I always wondered why there aren’t many sports game that feature women teams too. Not really interested in most of these games, but I still wondered about that.

Ubisoft: “Getting there Ubisoft, getting there.”

Um, Ubisoft is a bit mix. Like it was good, but also not so good… I think what wasn’t that good was the fact Jason Derulo did a terrible performance to me…honestly I think it would have been better to have a Just Dance demo than an awkward performance. I personally don’t like the whole celebrity guest unless it’s related to the game. Which seeing Angela Bassett didn’t bother me since her and Aisha was talking about the game she’s in. But that Jason Derulo just felt out of place.

I enjoyed Aisha Tyler hosting because she always so passionate about games and it just makes it all the more interesting even if it wasn’t that great and well she can be rather crude, but I that didn’t bother me. What stood out to me the most was Ubisoft Montreal game, For Honor. That game look so fun and it wasn’t just a CG trailer, the combat seemed rather interesting too. Trackmania Turbo looks fun as hell. And Anno seem interesting.

Sony: “Ask and you shall receive.”

Sony had an interesting conference the only thing I didn’t care for was the pacing in some moments and the montages felt rather slammed together. Haha At least the PSVita got some frames in there tho. Hahaha VITA AIN’T DEAD YET! XD

Boom! The Last Guardian! Boom! Final Fantasy VII: Remake! Boom! Shemune 3! :D Even though these announcements are amazing and great and show that they do listen the fans at times, the stuff in-between had weird pacing, but I think everyone was too shock to really pay attention to almost anything else that was going on in that conference.

I did enjoy some of the indies they spoke of especially Eitr. Media Molecule presented their new IP called Dreams. And I really love the concept. I would love to hear more about that. Even if I wasn’t a huge fan of Little Big Planet, I appreciate their creativity in that franchise and I loooooove Tearaway. This new IP seem really creative too. Definitely looking forward to it~ And I also love the reveal of Horizon Zero Dawn. That looks amazing and looks to play amazingly.

Oh and World of Final Fantasy was really adorable~

Never played an Uncharted game, but Uncharted 4 seems pretty awesome despite the difficulties they were having in the conference with it. Wonder if Naughty Dog going to work out the kinks. It was a very entertaining watch. There was also more co-op info on Star Wars: Battlefront.

And I just love what I saw for No Man’s Sky. I mean I’m still afraid for the team because of the hype surrounding it and people still questioning what the hell do we do in the game despite them showing and talking plain as day what all could be done. People who never heard of it I understand that question, but this question is mostly being asked by people who have seen everything there is about it. *shakes head* I just hope the hype doesn’t drive the team mad and it’ll be a good hype, but I’m looking forward to it~

Square Enix: “Bringing sexy back.”

Sexy as in JRPGs! :3 I really missed those last generation I mean there have been JRPGs last generation especially if you’re a ‘Tales of’ fan but knowing there will be more is always a good thing to me. So to know that Square Enix want to show a focus in it and even have a new studio to focus on creating new RPGs that isn’t from an existing franchise then that is amazing to me and for any other JRPG fan.

Their conference was a bit…toooo…straight and narrow, but they did show games and we got games and saw games so... I was happy to see they focused on both their Western studios as well as their Eastern studios too.

Kingdom Hearts III
looks fun gameplay wise, I’m happy for all you KH fans out there, I know you all been waiting for this forever and it’s great to see more of it. It must be close to done considering Nomura will be head of the FF7 Remake too.

The new Star Ocean looks fun to me especially the combat and I wouldn’t mind exploring the world of Star Ocean. :3

Most of this conference was a blur to me. No point in lying that I almost missed seeing the gameplay for KHIII, because a new NieR title got announced. Oh my goodness. I couldn’t control it. I couldn’t at all control what was going on emotionally when I saw the trailer. At the music and art slowly played…and when I saw Keichii Okabe & Yoko Taro name pop up and a piano remix of Song of the Ancients I bawled. I couldn’t help it. I was so happy to the point I cried. I felt so embarrass. Haha Tommy was picking on me, but comforting me too. I’ll probably do a separate post on this because I’m sure many fans of NieR were just as happy because this was something we all didn’t think would ever happen even though there were little clues here and there, it wasn’t completely a lost cause.

Personally the New Nier Project was the biggest announcement for me out of all announcements at E3. Good game Square Enix. Good game. Sure it was just concept art, but if anyone knows Yoko Taro then you should know what you’re getting from it. I’ll go more in depth about that sometime later.

Nintendo: “Family Fun Stuff”

So…many people especially Nintendo fans were upset about this conference. Many outsiders and fans called this the worst event during E3 or on par with EA/Ubisoft. Let me correct myself, this wasn’t a conference, this was a digital event. They did this last year and it actually was amazing last year.

This year…personally to me it wasn’t that bad as people saying it is. Maybe I’m the last person to really ask an opinion of since I’m not a big Nintendo fan. The last Nintendo system I own was the SNES. So it’s been awhile.

I honestly expected the event they showed. From my understanding they always were about family fun first. They do try to cater to I the hardcore crowd but they always been about making games that is fun and the family can play. Everything they showed in that conference was toward that or at least most of it. I personally don’t think it is a bad thing. There is a need for it. We need Nintendo.

They could have done better especially learning they left out some important information and games that are getting a release this year.

As for the event, I enjoyed the Muppets-like segments. Starfox Zero looks super fun to me. If we do get a Wii U, I wouldn’t mind picking that up to play. Yoshi’s Yarn looks cute. There were some interesting things shown for the 3DS, one being Fire Emblem: Fates I know some of you are looking forward to. There was more footage of Fire Emblem x SMT or something I think the title change. I’m not too sure what to make of it. A new Animal Crossing got announce called Happy Home Designer, but I did feel bad for the Wii U getting an Animal Crossing game buuuuuuuuuut it’s not really a true AC game more like a party type thing with amiibos or something.

I think they can do without the amiibos personally, but there seem to be a great demand for it so they definitely spoke a bit on that at this event.

PC Gaming Show: “Superior Tech”

I almost forgot I actually watch (mostly listened) to this. I missed it when it first streamed because I went to sleep, but I found a video of it that night. I almost thought about not worrying about it because of how long it was and hearing it wasn’t all that interesting. What changed my mind is seeing Sean Plott as the host. I like Sean Plott. Granted I don’t really watch most of his stuff, but I immensely enjoyed the Metadating streams him and two other dudes did on the Geek & Sundry youtube channel.

As for the PC show, it was pretty decent. I got a feeling if you’re not a huge PC gamer this show might not be all that interesting because they spoke a lot on the tech & technical side of things. Some things were interesting to hear about but yeah. Personally what stood out to me the most were a few game titles.

I thought the Guild Wars 2 expansion that was mentioned seem interesting. The guild halls look rather gorgeous (I think those were guild halls). The other games shown/mentioned that stood out to me were Planet Coaster, Take on Mars, & Enter the Gungeon.

Also I didn’t mention this during Microsoft conference, but I also love the indie title shown during theirs called Beyond Eyes. I’m mentioning now because there was more talk about it here at the PC showing. Also more info on No Man’s Sky as well. :)

Overall it was an okay show, but definitely a bit drawn out in places.


So those were the main events during E3. It was a fun year. I haven’t seen the community had this much fun in awhile of course there were some negativity, but I mostly saw positive, happy, & passionate gamers. The reactions are fun to watch if you look them up on Youtube. My personal favorites are the GT FFVII: Remake reaction and this one:

I’ll talk to you all later and catch up over time. If you watch any of the E3 even if it wasn’t much or heard the games from it and such I would love to hear your thoughts. *nods*