E3 2015

Anyone else looking forward to E3? :3

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I thought last year was one of the better years. Even though Nintendo didn't have a conference, I thought it was really cool how they handled their E3 showing by doing the Treehouse stuff I think it was. I haven't played a Nintendo system since the Super Nintendo, but Tommy is a huge Nintendo fan well mostly Zelda so I try to keep up with the company here and there. And I do plan on playing Xenoblade Chroncles & X one of these days. I have to. I have to have it in my veins.

Seen some other cool things too on the 3DS and such. :) So happy for all you 3DS players out there.

Microsoft did pretty good too. I like how they focused on games. I don't plan on getting an Xbox One, but it was still pretty cool to watching.

As for Sony...I preferred their conferences in other gaming events especially Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show. I mean they did pretty good though last year.

I think the only thing EA did that interested me last year was show Dragon Age: Inquisition and Bioware mentioning they are working on another Mass Effect

Ummmmmm and there were some reveals off stage too here and there.

Soooo this year.

I heard Square Enix is actually going to have a conference this year and I think I read somewhere Final Fantasy XV will be a no show. I feel they will probably show off their Western games than their Japanese games, buuuuuuuuuuut I could be wrong. I'm honestly not having high hopes for Square Enix. They have been a let down these days when it came to announcements. Haha Really I'm still f-ing with them because...they have published my favs (NieR/Drakengard series) so a part of me is wondering if another game from Yoko Taro & company will be published or something by them again or what. Annnnnd despite their massive ass trolling...their games are not bad games at least the ones I played. And I'm actually still a fan of Final Fantasy.

I'm lovin' the Final Fantasy XIII series so far. Haven't played Lightning Returns yet. And when I played the free trial for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, I unexpectedly fell in love with it so...yeah.


I don't think I really have many predictions and such.

I've been reading that The Last Guardian will be at E3, buuuuuuut I don't know...I LOVE Team Ico and their games and I would LOVE to see The Last Guardian, but I don't want to get my hopes up too high with that especially with all this hype surrounding it. I am rather surprise this game garnered such attention because even though ICO & Shadow of the Colossus are highly respected...I just never seen a huge following for these games till this The Last Guardian debacle. <.<; I wish Team ICO all the best if they are the ones still working on it if it's still being worked on about this game...because I actually get afraid of when a game get too much hype.

Speaking of which, that goes for No Man's Sky too. <.< I wish that team all the best because the hype that was and probably still is around that...goodness. It looks fun though.

I'm mostly going into this E3 pretty neutral. Would be great to see more of Persona 5 at least and I wonder if the Kiseki series will be talked about. SO FLIPPIN' HAPPY Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter and Trails of Cold Steel I/II are getting Western releases. So happy~ :D

I think I did read that Persona 4 Dancing All Night will be at E3 so it would be cool to see more of that too.

I know Tommy is hype for Street Fighter V.

Ummmmm...let's see...

I plan on making some snacks for the event. :3 It'll just be Tommy and I watching it, but we plan on having some fun. He'll probably miss the mornings due to his work schedule the first two days, but he seem to be off on the other days so that's good. XD He got some nice luck with that. :D

So what are y'all thoughts?
Attending E3?
What you're eating during E3?
How you're watching it?
Looking forward to anything at E3?
Want to share thoughts on past E3 events? :)