TuneIt #1

Heyo all!

I decided to try and revive my game world *laughs*, I'm not sure how many will still be up to it, but if all goes well, I'll start uploading on a weekly basis (daily is too much XD).

So new game called TuneIt. I'v been working on this this afternoon as a breaker from school and my manga X3. Pretty much, I have a short 'blip' of music (details of it below) and you have to guess what song (and ANIME/MOVIE if applicable) it is. Unlimited guesses :) Umm, do you guys want a prize for that too? lol, first round, so you'd get a gift from me.

Oh, you might have to turn up your volume (I did at least). Let me know if you can't hear anything DX

Song Details:
From: Anime (shounen); opening
HINT#1: The anime is quite popular, completed, with almost 400 episodes. The manga still ongoing with almost 60 volumes. (Bleach)
HINT#2: Artist begins with S and ends with D.

[Closed] Answer: Song is from Bleach; opening 13. Melody of the Wild Dance by SID. Congrats to Metalb2 for getting it right!

Have fun a good luck ^__^

If you have opinions on how to make it better, leave a comment and let me know! Your feedback is my greatest helper ^__^