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Heyo~! Welcome to my game world!


(UnScramble): A name of an anime/manga character whose name is scrambled. Your job is to determine who the person is AND what anime/manga they are from. Be sure to include both pieces of information when you comment as I will take the FIRST person who INCLUDES both character AND anime. Depending how difficult the character name is, hints may be posted along the way. So be sure to check back and look for them ;D
(Guess what?): You continue to guess along the way what the object may be; more pictures will be posted depending on how hard the image is.
(Who's that?): A distinct picture of an (anime/movie/video game) character will be given
(Tune it):A music file will be available of a small clip from a song. Try and guess what song it's from as more and more hints are posted!

Have fun and enjoys~!

Introducing The Lovely Guest Posters:

~Allie Elric | ~X MAGE X | ~Hanako Sho | ~MangaKid | ~Aria Sky | ~Animegirl171 | ~Distantstar

If you want to join the team, please send me a PM~~

List of Anime used

Unscramble 20

Wow! No rounds for this long already? Well, I guess I'll make one now...wonder if anyone would still play this though...

Ok, so the prizes (choose 1 of the choices):
1. 1 e-card, and 1 wallpaper
2. 2 e-cards
3. 1 wallpaper and 1 gift

Winner: SaxGirl

Hm, I think this one is a bit hard, so I'll give one hint: The character is a babysitter...in a way.

Good luck!

UnScramble 19


Congrats to Skitty999 who got the correct answer last round ;D
Haven't been on here in a while, but I guess, I have time now :D
I think you know the rules folks so let's begin!


Good luck~!

Prize: A wallie of your choice

Winner: SaxGirl
Answer: Mephisto Pheles from Ao no Exorcist

Unscramble 18

Hi guys! It's Lea here! Ok, so for this round, I'm giving the choice between these two prizes:
1. 1 e-card and 2 gifts
2. 2 e-cards and 1 gift

I was going to give out a wallpaper as a prize as well, but I'm still working on a request from my friend (in real life), so it's gonna keep me busy for a while!

So, here's the game:
Winner: skitty999

Good luck! :D

Unscramble 17

Hi, how are you? It's Allie, a guest poster! Things will be a little different from me. I won't be able to post Sunday, Mon., Wed., and Friday - today's an exception.
Before you start, please look at the rules above! :D
You only get 3 hints (dunno about Ita-chan and other Guest posters).
"If you win, I will let you know via ‘reply’ in the comment box. Please make sure you clearly indicate what characters and such you would like on your prize."
Thank you and enjoys~! Good luck ;3

Prize: 1 icon request

Winner: SaxGirl
Answer: Tsuchimiya, Kagura FROM Ga-Rei: Zero

Unscramble 16

Hi there ^_^
Hanako Sho's here to give you next round of "Unscramble me"! :D
So, congrats Ita-chan winning previous round (^o^)/

Let's start! :3 Enjoy the game xD

Unscramble: UKESIDA IWAN
Prize: Card request or 2 icons reqest

Good luck! >o<