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Heyo~! Welcome to my game world!


(UnScramble): A name of an anime/manga character whose name is scrambled. Your job is to determine who the person is AND what anime/manga they are from. Be sure to include both pieces of information when you comment as I will take the FIRST person who INCLUDES both character AND anime. Depending how difficult the character name is, hints may be posted along the way. So be sure to check back and look for them ;D
(Guess what?): You continue to guess along the way what the object may be; more pictures will be posted depending on how hard the image is.
(Who's that?): A distinct picture of an (anime/movie/video game) character will be given
(Tune it):A music file will be available of a small clip from a song. Try and guess what song it's from as more and more hints are posted!

Have fun and enjoys~!

Introducing The Lovely Guest Posters:

~Allie Elric | ~X MAGE X | ~Hanako Sho | ~MangaKid | ~Aria Sky | ~Animegirl171 | ~Distantstar

If you want to join the team, please send me a PM~~

List of Anime used

Unscramble Me 30

Hey! Its been a while! I think its about time for my turn no? Okay okay I know I should have been posting more unscramble mes long before this >_< I'm sorry!

Alrighty first read the rules above, then try to guess the character I've scrambled! I tried to make it hard but I'm sure someone is going to guess it quickly xD Anyway, I'm posting this at 11:30pm Eastern time and I'm on my gameboy so if you comment with your guess then don't expect a reply from me till tomorrow!
Ok, prizes are as follows:
Winner gets their choice of
1 wallie (your choice of catagory)
or 2 ecards (" ")

Okay here we go!


Good luck! It better be hard! >u<

WINNER: IyamiNaHamusutaa
Great work! And happy birthday xD

CHARACTER: Mamori Anekazi from Eyeshield 21

Unscramble Me 29


Sorry for not posting here for a while! Anyways, I've got an easier one today, since it's from a pretty popular manga. :D
Prizes (choose 1):
1 wallpaper and a gift
2 ecards and a gift
2 gifts


Mmhm, good luck! :D

Answer: Kitami Shigure from Watashi ni xx Shinasai
Member: Skitty999

Unscramble 28

Hello ! :)
It's my first time posting here (even though I became a guest poster long ago). Sorry about that >.<
Anyway, hope I'm not messing up any schedules here , if there are any (like if someone has certain days).
Here it is :

I think this one will be easy, and I think that's okay for my first post^^.

A card or a wallpaper. (btw it will probably take long don't kill meh XD)

Good luck to everyone~! :3 hope someone will guess xD

Answer: Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)
Winner: DeathSeraph
Congrats! That was guessed at amazing speed xD

Unscramble 27~

Hi again, everyone!~~~
It's Hanako Sho
The game goes some slowly so I post here again ^_^

Ahem.....*calm down*
So, let's start round №27! hehe ;> Tsuna ^^


Winner: animegirl171
Answer: Kamijo Hiroki (Junjou Romantica)

Prize: 1 card OR 4 icons request

Good luck to ya all ^_^


Unscramble 26~

Hi there ^_^
Long time no see :D
So, today's "unscramble" is mine +__+
Let's start! :3

Prize: 1 card OR 4 icons request

Winner: MangaKid
Answer: Echizen Ryoga from "Prince of Tennis"

I've got the right answer in my PM, so I think it's all OK ^_^'