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Heyo~! Welcome to my game world!


(UnScramble): A name of an anime/manga character whose name is scrambled. Your job is to determine who the person is AND what anime/manga they are from. Be sure to include both pieces of information when you comment as I will take the FIRST person who INCLUDES both character AND anime. Depending how difficult the character name is, hints may be posted along the way. So be sure to check back and look for them ;D
(Guess what?): You continue to guess along the way what the object may be; more pictures will be posted depending on how hard the image is.
(Who's that?): A distinct picture of an (anime/movie/video game) character will be given
(Tune it):A music file will be available of a small clip from a song. Try and guess what song it's from as more and more hints are posted!

Have fun and enjoys~!

Introducing The Lovely Guest Posters:

~Allie Elric | ~X MAGE X | ~Hanako Sho | ~MangaKid | ~Aria Sky | ~Animegirl171 | ~Distantstar

If you want to join the team, please send me a PM~~

List of Anime used

TuneIt #2


I got some feedback from the first post and it seems people like the general idea of the game! I prerecorded some songs yesterday that'll last a few rounds. The first few songs will be from anime, then after, it will be generalized to other songs in general.

So here's round two! Just get the song name and anime right to win! ;D Hints will be posted along the day if people get stumped! Good luck and have fun~

Song: LINK

[Closed]Answer: "My song, your beats" by Lia from Angel Beats! Congrats to kita mikichi for getting it right first~

Thanks to those who guessed! I made them easier xD Probably an update tomorrow so stay tuned! Take cares~~

TuneIt #1

Heyo all!

I decided to try and revive my game world *laughs*, I'm not sure how many will still be up to it, but if all goes well, I'll start uploading on a weekly basis (daily is too much XD).

So new game called TuneIt. I'v been working on this this afternoon as a breaker from school and my manga X3. Pretty much, I have a short 'blip' of music (details of it below) and you have to guess what song (and ANIME/MOVIE if applicable) it is. Unlimited guesses :) Umm, do you guys want a prize for that too? lol, first round, so you'd get a gift from me.

Oh, you might have to turn up your volume (I did at least). Let me know if you can't hear anything DX

Song Details:
From: Anime (shounen); opening
HINT#1: The anime is quite popular, completed, with almost 400 episodes. The manga still ongoing with almost 60 volumes. (Bleach)
HINT#2: Artist begins with S and ends with D.

[Closed] Answer: Song is from Bleach; opening 13. Melody of the Wild Dance by SID. Congrats to Metalb2 for getting it right!

Have fun a good luck ^__^

If you have opinions on how to make it better, leave a comment and let me know! Your feedback is my greatest helper ^__^

GuessWhat 1


Yes, I've changed my game world, "UnScramble Me" to incorporate more games! Now featured "Guess what games". Pretty much, I post a part of something and you have to guess what it is (unlimited guesses). I'll keep posting pictures until someone gets it. Prizes are different each round.

Prize(s): since this is a starter round, you get 2 gifts!

What Am I?

Answer: Sailboat

I don't know, should I post the big picture too? XD

Unscramble 37~

This world died •_•
Today's round is mine, so, is somebody haven't forgotten about this game, welcome! Join this round ^_^

Prize: I don't know -__- Wallpaper/ iWall/ card/ icons - on your choise.

WHY?!! WHy didn't anyone write an answer? O_o What's happen? >o<

Eh? Nobody knows? Or you're just so lazy? >o<

Ok, let the hints go! ^o^/

Hint #1: some genres are "music" and "romance".
Hint #2: anime aired in 2012.
Hint #3: this guy felt in love with a girl, who liked his friend.
Hint #4: main theme of whole anime is jazz
Hint #5: this boy plays drums, the time in anime is about 1960-s

Unscramble 36

HAI HAI EVERYONE! :) First off, just wanna say thanks to everyone especially Ita-chan for makin' me a guest poster in this cool world, I hope to have lots of fun!
I usually have ecards as my prizes, because I'm not that skilled in anything else, however, iphone wallpaper/wallpaper may be accepted. Let's begin ;)

Prize: 1ecard

Winner: Zuzu Uchiha
Answer: Ayuzawa Misaki from Maid Sama

Like they all say, GOODS LUCK ;)