Love Stories in Time - prayers for japan

Didn't have time to draw something as a solidarity for Japan so i am posting an image from the game Love stories in time ~~ will update more when i finish it . 'til then let us pray ~~

Mystery Case Files - Return To Ravenhearst

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Another week , another game i'm sharing *^^*. This time it's :
Mystery Case Files - Return To Ravenhearst

Release Date : 26 november 2008

I probably will take MCF games and post some images... or maybe i'll post about another game next time xD .

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Emma`s soul is free. But her ghost has delivered a dire warning: evil still lurks in Ravenhearst Manor.

I played this game a long time ago ... (a few years back when i was in highschool <3) I don't really remember what happens so i won't be able to tell much -_- I hope the few screenshots i made now speak for themselves xD .

*little edit: i have the slightly feeling that i actually didn't finish this game ... i say this after watching on youtube some scenes that i don't remember seeing D: . So ... when i have the time i'll try finishing it xD *

Game preview :

Official website : Return To Ravenhearts

Mystery Case Files - Dire Grove Collector's Edition

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Because i love games very much i decided to start a new blog where i'll add the games that i finished in the past and at the moment *^^* . I think i will add only the games that deserve it because those that don't won't make me in the mood to write something xD. External Image

I like the MCF ( Mystery Case Files ) series and i want to share a really awesome game with you guys ~~

External ImageMystery Case Files - Dire Grove Collector's EditionExternal Image

Release date : 25 november 2009

This game takes place in a snowy place and it's based on a Celtic legend of Dire Grove. A group from the UK are certain that the legend is true so they try do investigate more but end up ... not so well xD.

"In the fall of 2009, four graduate students traveled to a small township near Blackpool, England. They were never heard from again."

This is the 6th game in the series if i am not mistaking ... and it's a sequel to the previous games in the series. You get the role of the detective Bwahahaha!

The puzzles are tricky here and there and you need to read carefully all the info you've collected so you can solve them. The hidden objects scenes are really nice.
I love the images that were used for this game. They're high-quality and really awesome. I love the fact that the action takes place in winter and i also like the background songs. Mostly played on piano, they give a really great feeling to the story.

It's really interesting that through the game you find some tapes and you can play them and watch the story. It's a really nice combination of a short movie with reall people and game playing ^^.

Until now this was my favorite game of the series . Still have to finish 3-5 games ... someday. I only played Ravenhearst, Return to Ravenhearst,Dire Grove and Madam Fate ;P. Review on those another time.

I got the Collector's Edition and was lucky to see that it had some extra things like a guide book , wallpapers, concept art xD.

For more info you can check the official website : MCF : Dire Grove

Here's a preview of the game: