Waste of Time

dunno what the deal is but for some reason my new cover isn;t showing up on waste of time world so im gonna post it here

A little about me

ok first post ever i wonder how this will turn out...

currently working on first ever fan-comic, LOZ: Waste of Time. Its a futuristic take on the legend of zelda series. I love reading the comments people leave me about my art!

fav anime-Dragonball Z, Fooly Cooly, Death Note, Full metal alchemist, Yu Yu Hakusho, Trigun, Hellsing, Cow boy bebop and black lagoon although ive only seen like 3 episodes im totally sold on it.

fav Video games-Legend of Zelda(duh) specifically ocarina of time, twilight princess, link to the past, majoras mask, four swords was ok, wind waker although very original and very entertaining was to much off a shock to really be one of my favs

non zelda vidoegames-Resident evil 4!!!- only resident ive ever played :(, No more heros, smash bros, blah blah blah

hobbies- Unicycling, spastic doodling, juggling, punk rock music, playing my guitar and if i can find the time reading

fave bands- The Clash, the sexpistols, Dead Kennedys, Black flag, electric 6, White Stripes, Green day, The offspring, System of a Down, Rage against the machine, Rancid, The casualties, and Mindless Self indulgence.