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HAAAAAAY look who's still alive.


Lookie what I re-found. TheOtaku. XD First off, I guess I should apologize for leaving and not saying goodbye! Sorry! Also, I wonder if any of my old fans still get on… Holla if you remember the G2 Days! Eheh. My inbox was stuffed with complaints about G2’s drawback. “Aki-sama, when are you going to make more G2?” “Aki-san, where did you go?” I’m sorry for leaving all of a sudden, you guys. Wow, that was like… a year ago? Two years? More? Yeah. Not sure if there’s still anyone around that remembers me. XD I’m so ooooooold…

Um, but I pretty much completely moved to deviantART. If you guys don’t already know my dA, it’s Aki-Yamashima. All the art between the time I left and now is up there in my gallery, if you’d like to see.

To make a long story short, I don’t think I will be making my TheO account entirely active again. But you guys are just so cool for still sticking to G2 and asking about it, I’ve been thinking. And, honestly, I had given up on G2 a long time ago, maybe even before I left TheOtaku. But you guys and even some people on dA have continued to ask me about it and begged me to update it, and you’ve really inspired me and made me feel really nostalgic. Like, you have no idea, even though I stopped drawing it, G2 and its characters are still the shizznit for me. Still my very favorite OC’s, and still reminiscent of the good ol’ days in middle school. I still have a very special spot for G2 in my heart. So I’ll tell you what.

I’m considering redoing the G2 manga and posting it exclusively on TheOtaku. I think it’d be a lot of fun for me, and it would allow for some improvement, and you guys could maybe enjoy it even more. All in favor say onomatopoeia.

However, I will not be posting art unrelated to G2 on TheOtaku. From now on, to see non-G2 artwork, please visit my dA account at www.aki-yamashima.deviantart.com.

Thanks guys, you rock so hard.


Chat with my Sasuke-Bot! :D


He knows some question-answer stuff, but just basics. He has a lot of random replies, though. Go chat with him! Tell me how it goes! :3

(Oh yeah, and he only responds correctly to complete sentences. That means capitalization and quotation marks. -Aki is a grammar freak DX-)


Very, very, very, VERY early drawings of the G2 characters! XD I found them in my photobucket gallery on like, page 14! Ah, this takes me back... 8th grade, with Kinjin-chan and Bree-chan... we were the original G2 creators and roleplayers. ^^ Gawd, I miss roleplaying with them... I also have scans of the RP in my album, but I'm not so sure I want you to see that. XD Aki was a very poor roleplayer. Anyway, enjoy! If I ever get this doujinshi published, I'm definately including these! They make me so happy! >w

Kunoichi Mega Dress-Up

Hey guys, check this out. :D

Is it weird at all that I'm addicted to dress-up games? XD I guess so. Oh well.

EDIT: And this, too.

G2 musical character tributes

So yeah, and I also REALLY want to make a few character tribute videos for the G2 peeps. I'm gonna need a lot more pictures, though. XD I was thinking about these for songs:

Uchiha Yume: Going Under (http://www.imeem.com/emptysoul/music/SBA26xJY/evanescene_evanescence_going_under/)
Uzumaki Jii: Drown You Out (http://www.imeem.com/michiganmagic/music/PDp2Wdbi/crossfade_drown_you_out/)
Hatake Shirion: Are You Happy Now? (http://www.imeem.com/michellebranch/music/i64g35Qd/michelle_branch_are_you_happy_now/)

Shirion's is a little random, but somehow fitting. For a more serious side of Shi-chan. ;) I just LOVE Evanescence songs for Yume, and I thought this one was a pretty close fit, along with Bring Me to Life, but that one's longer. Longer song=more pictures. >.> Jii's is probably the best fit. I love it, because the lyrics even mirror plot points. I'll have to keep looking for other peoples'... suggestions are very welcome. :3 So are fanarts. I'll accept them as late Birthday presents. X3