Bold it.

Bold it. Here.

The Hangover is probably one of my favorite movies.
Don’t resend me a text just because i didn’t answer the first time.
I want quite a few different tattoos.
Some days i’d kill to just be home alone, but other times i hate not having anything to do.
In the winter time i eat more than i usually do for some reason.
I have a lot of pictures of family and friends in my room.
I change my hair a lot.
On my computer i can’t just copy and paste images i actually have to upload them and take the link. (???)
I have a horrible guilty conscience.
Every time i’m out at the mall or something i usually buy something.
I really need to find a job.
I have bad memory.
I have a lot of dumb moments.
My best friend is very funny.
I absolutely hate my school, so much.
I’m not friends with the same people i was back in middle school or elementary school even.
I should probably get to making myself eat healthier than i do.
I rent movies on demand more than i do go to the movie theatre these days.
Theres more than one artist whose old music i like a lot better than their new stuff.
I love the feeling where you’ve been able to sleep so much that you feel completely refreshed.
I’m a very argumentative person, when i wanna be.
I’m really picky about what i will and will not wear.
I’m not looking forward to dealing with graduation.
the only thing that makes me cool with it is the fact that after that i’m done (with middle school).
I always will tip well when i’m at a restaurant or having food delivered.
I’m not really proud of the person i used to be.
I hate talking about my past, and i get really uncomfortable when someone brings it up.
I’ve grown up and changed A LOT in the past two years.
I can actually cook and bake well. (HA!)
I’m lazy and procrastinate a lot.
I will clean my room, but it usually isn’t until i get annoyed with it.
I’ve recently cut a lot of the drama and bullshit out of my life.
I don’t mind change (not that much anyway).
I have a wild imagination.
There are days where i have to find something to do to preoccupy me from my thoughts.
when i start to get to over thinking things, it only gets worse from that point on.
I worry way too much, and i hate it.
I don't like it when people watch me when i’m eating.
I get paranoid a lot.
I act differently when i’m upset or when i’m under the influence of something.
It seems like i’m always in situations that look bad or are bad.
I have a hard time saying no to (certain) people.
I get taken advantage of by (some) people because i’m too nice. yeah, fuck you.
I’m constantly touching my hair.
My emotions basically pour outta me like when i’m heated you will be able to tell.
I love going on walks.
I’m usually really good at board games and stuff.
I use smiley faces like :] :b :) :D when texting and online a lot.
If you can make me laugh i’ll pretty much love you forever.
I really love to look at graffiti.
At my school, some people will only (respect) people their race, and will be rude to anyone else who isn't one of "them."
^ I don't like people who are like that.