It's Called Football Everywhere Else


1. Describe your last disappointment:
I don’t know.

2. Do you think you’ll ever end up in rehab?
I hope not.

3. Who’s your favorite Kardashian sister?

4. What are you watching on TV?
“Are We Done Yet?”

5. On a scale of 1-10, how clean is your room?

6. Is there someone you absolutely cannot stand, but have to tolerate?
How should I know? I could be that person that people can’t stand but have to tolerate.

7. Do you want to go to pregnancy classes?

9. What color are your bathroom towels?
I have more than just one set of bathroom towels, I mean, do people actually buy sets for bathrooms

10. How often do you let cleavage show?
It depends on the shirt, but it’s not that much usually.

11. Can you remember when mechanical pencils got popular?

12. What do you doodle on your papers?
random things I guess

13. Did you have school/work on Memorial Day?

14. Are your nails painted?
the nail polish is peeling off.

15. Does vintage stuff appeal to you?

16. Do you think ‘oy’ is a funny word?

17. Do you prefer laptops or computers?
As long as I can internet.

18. How many little black dresses do you have?
None, sadly.

19. Do you know anything about soccer?
It's called football everywhere else!

20. Where do you want to go?
Anywhere in the world? London, maybe.