Excellent. TheO vers. of fyeahsurveys. All of the surveys here I am most likely to get from there.


"do i work out" ha!

1. State your name: 2. State the name that your parents almost named you: Katie or Tysha (idk) for the record, those are no where near my actual name thank god 3. Which of your relatives do you get along with the most...

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Super Quiz.

1. Who is the most inspirational person you know and why? I'm not sure.
2. Do you believe in sex after marriage? why not? Do what you want as long as you're safe.
3. What colour is your hair? dark brown
4. Do you like your hair colour? i guess
5. Do you know what you want to do in life? nope not clue
6. Have you ever been really close to a teacher(s)? I guess you could call it "close" but not THAT close. just one.
7. Ever visited outside of your country? no
8. Do you think that the world is really going to end 21/12/2012? no u r really late
9. What's your view on flip flops? I don't like them at all unless you're going to the beach or pool/whatever maybe.
10. Ever almost drowned in a swimming pool? yes.
11. What do you go to sleep thinking about? Should i answer this
12. When you write 'lol' in a message, did you actually laugh? sometimes
13. Does your school allow you to chew gum? no but we do it anyway
14. Do you have plans for tomorrow? go to school
15. Do you prefer your mum or dad? My mom.
16. What did you have for lunch today? sandwich
17. Do you like your last name? yes.
18. Are you photogenic? no
19. Can you sing? hell no
20. Are you a Beliber? (Justin Bieber fan) nope.

1) have you ever (shoplifted)? I think i did when i was younger.
2) have you ever smoked before or been high before? no
3) ever been drunk or drinked before ? nope
4) how many boyfriends or girlfriends have you had ? none, ever
5) when did you get your first kiss? never had one
6) when did you get your first boyfriend/girlfriend ? see 4
7) do you get good school grades? yes
8) are u popular , unpopular or inbetween at school? unpopular but everybody in my grade, for the most part, knows me.
9) how old are you? thirteen.
11) fave singers? idk
12) fave drink? lemonade and drpepper
13) fave food ? cheesburgers
14) who is the hottest boy or girl you have ever seen? me
15) what country do you live in? i live in the states
16) what would you like to be when you start working? nervous, scared, sweaty and excited to get cash.
17)do u have a job now if so were do you work ? no im too young
18) 5 random facts about you?
I am weird, I like to say that im optimistic for the most part, i like to get my way, ive always wanted to be a singer and dancer.

Dog or Cat: cat, duh
Chocolate or Bacon: chocolate
Blue or Orange: orange.
Giving or Reciving: receiving
TV or Computer: computer
Hot day or Rainy day: rainy day.
Money or Beauty: money
Love or Truth: truth.
If you could have one super power what would it be? Teleportation.

1. What room are you in right now? my momm;s
2. What was the last song you listened to? An Alicia Keys song.
4. What was the last thing you ate? rice.
5. Do you like Twilight? meh
6. Do you have any pets? if so, what pets do you have? Yes. A dog, cat, three birds, two rabbits, and a hamster thing.
7. Do you like bananas? yes.
8. Summer or Winter? summer
9. Swimming pool or beach? beach!!!
10. Have you ever watched American Horror Story? if so, thoughts on it? nope

1. whats your first name
y do u care

2. do you like your name?

3. favorite names?
Oliver, Ophelia, Callum, Dainais (?)
the list goes on

4. dream job?
idk money

5. favorite celeb?

6. favorite tv show?
i dont have one really

7. can someone tell me what 90201 is bout? its starting down here soon...
no get out

8. favorite song?

9. fave artist?
I have no idea.

10. do you like to read?
Yes most def.

11. what books do you like?
Action, for sure. Hate mystery.

12.fave book?

13. do you like cooking? are you good at it?
the only thing i can make is eggs

14. do u like school

15. favorite things to wear?
shorts and a t-shirt but its winter so

16. do you like the simpsons?
i dont watch them

17. do you have a computer or laptop?
I am using a laptop.

18. fav animal

19.where would you travel to?
Canada, Germany amybe

20. dream place to live
i have no idea

21. who do ya wanna marry?

22. hot celebs?
i dont care

23. thoughts on Justin Bieber?
hurry up and get rid of your immature screwed up fanbase and bring on the cool ones like me.

24. do you go on twitter?

25. fav food?

26. your taste in names?

27. fav tv channel?

28. whats the weather like?
cold and wintery

29. whats the time?
11.03 pm.

Blue or Green? blue
Coke or Pepsi? pepsi
Brown hair or Blonde hair? blonde
Cody Simpson or Justin Bieber? jb
TV or Computer? computer
Phone or Ipod? phone
Skype or Tinychat? skype
Google or Wikipedia?google
Pencil or Pen? pencil?
Popsicles or Freezies? what?????????
Regular or Pink Lemonade? regs.
Facebook or Twitter? facebook
Tv Shows or Movies? movies
Lemons or Limes? lemons
Cats or Dogs? cat
Xbox or PS3? xbox
McDonalds or A&W? mcd's
Ketchup or Mustard? ketchuo
Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings? HP
Chips or Popcorn? popcurn
Fruit or Veggies? fruit
Rain or Sunshine? rain.

Most Likely to Eat A Doughnut Later

This was a very random quiz. These things actually take some stress off of me.

Q1: Age? 1001 (thirteen yo)
Q2: Do you share your birthday with a famous person? not that i am aware of
Q3: What do you really think of your best friend? I think my best friend is awesome.
Q4: Are you popular? Do you want to be? no and not really
Q5: What do you find most attractive in the opposite sex? idk personality, eyes and smile
Q6: What country would your dream boy/girl be from? i don't care
Q7: What do people like about you best? you should ask people
Q8: Have you ever had your heart broken? yes.
Q9: If you could own 5 houses anywhere in the world, where would they be? idk
Q10: What is the most rebellious thing you've ever done? i don't remember
Q11: Have you ever smoked a cigarette? nope
Q12: Finish this sentence. Most likely to.......... eat a doughnut later
Q13: What would you do if you became a teenage mother/father? i would cry.
Q14: What song exactly describes your life right now? doodoo in my backpack
Q15: What would your last meal be? whatever i wanted
Q16: What will you be doing the day the world ends? sleeping.

no u cannot have a star

1. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love mac and cheese? 5
2. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? idk
3. Oh I forgot to ask, what's you name? pickle
4. What's the closest thing to you that starts with an S? Seat?
5. Working hard or hardly working? hardly working wink wink
6. What's something you desperately want at the moment? creativity
7. Listening to any music? nope
8. Music or computer? computer with internet
9. Do you know any magic tricks? no
10. :) or :]? the first one
11. Are you going to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2? no
12. Do you camp? not really
13. What does the last text you sent say? idk
14. What have you done this summer? slept and ate
15. Favorite ocean animal? whale is the first thing that comes to minf
16. Asking the questions or answering the questions? asnwer
17. Will you post a random Y!A link here?
18. Sausage or bacon? bacon
19. Have you ever met a vegetarian or vegan? yes
20. What was the last movie you saw in theaters? Think Like A Man
21. Football or basketball? basketball
22. What's your favorite poptart flavor? idk
23. Can I get a star, beautiful? no

40 anime q

40 Anime questions:

1: What is your #1 favorite anime? Naruto or Casshern Sins. I haven't watched a lot of anime.

2: Has an anime ever made you cry? Yes, AIR and Clannad
3: Which anime made you laugh the hardest? I don't remember.
4: If you could make a spin-off of any anime, what would it be? Samurai Girls or Maria Holic.
5: List your top 5 animes: off the top of my head in no order: Casshern Sins, Naruto, Maria Holic, Samurai Girls, Angel Beats
6: List your top 5 anime OSTs ?????? idk what that is
7: Have you ever watched an entire anime in one sitting? nope
8: Who is your favorite anime character? i dont really have one
9: Name an anime character you absolutely hate: i cant think of any right now.
10: What is your favorite 'moe' anime? I don't like overly moe anime like Chobits or somethign.
11: What is your favorite drama anime? Elfen Lied.
12: What is your favorite romance anime? Clannad.
13: What is your favorite comedy anime? ???
14: What is your favorite action anime? Casshern Sins as of late.
15: What is your favorite harem anime? idk
16: What is your favorite ecchi anime? I don't really watch those but I guess it'd have to be Samurai Girls
17: What is your favorite mech anime? I've never seen code geass so ill say casshern.
18: What is your favorite drama anime? see 11
19: What is your favorite slice of life anime? ????
20: What is your favorite adventure anime? Naruto. that i can think of.
21: What is the first anime you ever saw? IDK!!!!! I really don't remember. The first show I recongnized as anime was either InuYasha, or Petit Princess Yucie.
22: You get to have a harem of [6] anime characters of your choice, who do you choose? ?? i dont knoe
23: What is the most times you've re-watched an anime? twice.
24: Name [1] anime you wish everyone would watch: none because they are mine
25: What is an anime you regret watching? Probably Sorcerer Hunters (not because it was bad but--).
26: You get to have [1] anime character as your waifu/husbando in real life, who do you choose? neruto uzumakey
27: Which anime character are you most like? idk
28: Do you watch a new anime because you think it will be good, or because its popular? I think it'll be good.
29: Has an anime's fanbase ever made you hesitant to watch an anime? Quite the contrary, actually. I feel pressured into watching it becaseu ppl say it's good and it turns out it is.
30: How many anime episodes is 'ideal' for you? about 24.
31: Have you ever watched an anime with over 23 episodes? yes.
32: If you could make a game for an anime of your choice, what would it be and why? none, that's too mcuh work
33: Would you ever watch an anime with over 100 episodes? sure why not
34: Have you ever watched an anime only because you liked a specific character? not that i remember
35: Have you ever dropped an anime, if so why? Yes, Chobits because it was annoying the crap out of me with all this "i cant go into the panty store!!!!!!1111! women's underwear are in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!11!!!"
36: In your opinion, what makes a good anime? nice plot, action, and romance.
37: Name a popular anime you love: n a r u t o. that will forever be in my hart
38: Name a popular anime you hate: i dont relaly hate one on the top of my head. dont be a playa hata
39: Is there an anime you wish was more popular? idk... :(
40: Thoughts on live-action adaptations? idk what that is.