Shonen VS Shojo

I'll be honest. I read and watch more Shonen than I do Shojo which is strange (I guess) for a girl. I'm a tomboy and I grew up around guys all my life so I like the whole kick ass action and such. That doesn't mean I have anything against Shojo manga and such. I've read Ouran, Vampire Knight, and Skip Beat and I like them.
So I just started watching Gintama recently and I cannot take that show seriously. It's fricking hilarious! But I guess that's kind of the whole idea right? For those that have seen it ehehehe...hehe...he (O.O')
Welp, I'm not all that picky when it comes to anime or manga. I'll read whatever's out there. Any suggestions, please do tell me.
Ja ne!

Yay first post...

Hmm what to say?
Oh since Halloween is coming up, I was thinking of cosplaying. The problem is I really don't know who. I was thinking of going as a redhead and there are actually quite a few redheads in the anime community. I've become quite the tailor because I do all my stuff by hand. I think it's more fun, but it's probably easier just to buy the stuff (O^O)
And maybe I could make my little sister cosplay too. AH! We could do Hetalia! She could be Italy and I could be Romano! She is a lot like Italy which is very scary and kinda annoying sometimes. She says I'm like Germany which is scary. I'm not a scary person. If I had to choose, I'm like Canada. People don't really know I'm there TT^TT


Konnichiwa minna! Hajimemashite!
My name is Fuyu-chan or Fu-chan if you like. I joined this sight in hoping to make new friends that are like me. To know me better I guess I should introduce myself. Here's just some random stuff.

Stuff I like:
Yaoi, anime/manga, dreary weather, music, cats, lollipops, cooking
Stuff I don't like:
The sun, bugs (with exceptions to butterflies, dragonflies, and beetles), mean people, spicy food
Top 5 anime/manga (in no particular order):
Fairy Tail, Higurashi, One Piece, Blue Exorcist, Durarara!!!
To be king of the pirates!...Oh wait wrong one, I mean to visit Japan